Traditional Vermicelli Salad

Anyone who likes to eat vermicelli, would like you to try this ancient recipe for vermicelli salad. The specialty is the roast chicken with fried shrimp. Increase the crunchiness from fried beans Finally sprinkle fried garlic and dried chili.

Ingredients: Traditional Vermicelli Salad

  • Roasted Chicken
  • Fried Dried Chili
  • Ground Chili
  • Fried Garlic
  • Fried Garlic Oil
  • Fried peanuts
  • Fried Dried Shrimp
  • Chili Chili
  • Shallots, sliced
  • Spring Onion with Chopped Coriander
  • Vermicelli in water

How to Cook Ancient Vermicelli Salad

  1. Make the chicken roll by stirring the chicken with the water. When there is a little remaining water to put in the salad as well. Season with a little bit of pepper and Maggi to smell good.
  2. Fry the garlic and add a pinch of salt. When the garlic turns yellow, hurry up and let it drain to drain the oil. The garlic will continue to come out and cook outside. When cold fried garlic becomes crispy and fragrant. As for the fried garlic oil, it is set aside in a separate cup.
  3. Fry the dried shrimp to make them crispy. By heating the oil Take the dried shrimp and turn the light down. Take a spatula of shrimp people all over. When the yellow shrimp accelerate the fire, stir again 3-4 times, put it up and put it in a sieve to drain the oil. When the shrimp are dry and cool, they will be crispy.
  4. Prepare chopped chilli If anyone likes to eat very spicy, add freshly roasted chili powder as well.
  5. Soak the vermicelli in water and scald and scoop it up and let it drain. Add fried garlic oil and mix thoroughly. Add the roasted chicken to mix. Add the water that stirred the chicken as well. Shift the quantity as you like.
  6. Season with lemon juice, fish sauce, add chili (chili powder), mix everything together. Add sliced ​​shallots Partly chopped green onions and cilantro Dried shrimp, add a little. Mix everything thoroughly
  7. Arrange on a plate, sprinkle with scallion with chopped coriander, fried beans, dried shrimp, crispy fried garlic and dried chili.

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