3 useful Thai herbs for enhancing the immune system to fight COVID-19

Current situation of transmission of the COVID-19 In Thailand still worrisome Everyone should turn to taking care of their health, choosing to drink, choosing to eat more healthy food Today, it will bring everyone to know “Thai herbs”, one of the important factors that are the strength of Thailand is the wisdom of the generations. Be useful Safe without chemicals Most people use it as a cooking ingredient. Make cosmetics And medical drugs, and did you know that 3 herbs in Thailand are “Fa Talai Bon”, “Turmeric” and “Plukao”, that have properties that help strengthen our body’s immune system. It is very suitable for this period. Data from clinical research indicates that all three types of herbs have many benefits.

1. Phthalibol

The best herbs that Thai people are widely known. Thai traditional medicine It is used to relieve the symptoms of the common cold, cough, sore throat, as well as fatigue, insomnia. Andrographis paniculata can help reduce symptoms of lung disorders. Reduce the number of viruses in the lungs. It also helps to stop the Corona Virus in vitro. It is another herb that is full of benefits and is easily available in modern times.


2. Turmeric

another traditional herb that has been used for a long time. There are almost every Thai household. Has been used in everyday life. Whether it adds color, flavoring And the taste of food As well as being used as cosmetics Besides that, there are also many benefits that are hidden. This is known as Turmeric is a treasure of Asia that has it all. There are results from research that Curcuminoid (curcuminoids) in turmeric can help fight inflammation. Relieve pain in patients with osteoarthritis. Inhibits many types of cancer cells Relieves indigestion, stimulates the immune system. Including antibacterial Viruses are fine as well.

3. Plu Kao

the best herb There are many local names, such as Plu Kao, Khaw Tong, Khantong vegetables in Thailand, found in the North, Central, Northeast. In which the North and Isan regions are used as chili dip vegetables Or have a delicious meal with Laab Which still has data from the research institute The Department of Medical Sciences in 2005 determined that Plucao can treat allergies, asthma, allergic conjunctivitis, food allergies, and also treat immunodeficiency. And help strengthen the body’s immune system as well In addition, research has also been issued to support that. Plucao has the power to destroy. And inhibits many types of viruses, namely influenza virus, AIDS, herpes and viruses that cause hand, foot and mouth disease Nowadays, in China, Plocao is used as an ingredient in the drug for the treatment of viral diseases. And there are many patents.

It is said that “Thai herbs” are natural products that have been priceless in Thailand for a long time. All have properties that are useful, not difficult to find and can be applied to every situation. If you are looking for good food to eat to take care of your health, starting from “Fah Talai Bon”, “Turmeric” and “Plu Kao”, herbs near you. Bring to cook fresh and hot food. Eat at home regularly Or eating a supplement that contains ingredients of the aforementioned herbs can help strengthen the immune system to keep our body healthy.

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