Beware of “sleep addiction” disease

Bed sucking symptoms Or in English called Clinomania (another name is Dysania) the symptoms of people who fall into bed sickness or bed addiction. Is that there will be a feeling of wanting to sleep all day I do not want to do any activities except lying in bed. Difficulty getting up in the morning Or it takes an hour to get out of bed. However, bed suction is not the cause. That comes from the laziness that many people understand. But considered as a psychiatric symptom And is also a warning sign of various diseases as well

Lying in bed, not wanting to get out of bed I want to do everything in bed. Watch out for a sleep addiction disease or Clinomania, what is it like? How do you notice We have a short summary for you.

What is Clinomania, a sleep disorder?

Clinomania can be separated into two words: CLINO, meaning BED or Couch, and MANIA, meaning ADDICT or addiction. Therefore directly translated as Addiction to bed or sleep

Clinomania is classified as an anxiety disorder associated with other anxiety disorders such as depression, schizophrenia, and preliminary studies have been found to be associated with a substance called dopamine. Substances that control emotions and feelings When symptoms are present, it makes you want to stay in bed only.

Preliminary clinical symptoms of Clinomania

– Take a look at these early symptoms that may be signs of a sleep addiction.

– Like to sleep (ie do not want to do anything I only sleep, I can only sleep)

– Whenever I wake up, all I want to do is go back to bed.

– The best time is in bed.

– Do all activities in bed such as eating, drinking, working, reading.

– Feeling insufficient sleep even after 12 hours of sleep

What should I do if I have these symptoms?

Of course, these symptoms can occur. And it may be just our preference or wanting to relax. Initially, try to observe yourself first. Try exercising, adjusting the timing of a healthy meal. And it is best to consult a professional or psychiatrist for the right advice.



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