5 herbs to relieve cold symptoms

Herbs are another option for those who don’t want to take antibiotics as often. It works and is safe for the body. If you want to better alleviate the flu symptoms You can eat these herbs.
Nowadays, people pay more attention to using herbs to cook as food to strengthen their immune system. But herbal products are another option that should be found in your home. Due to the consistent quality of the drug And can be used to relieve the initial symptoms of colds Because during this time there was also an outbreak of influenza. Dr. Phon Supaporn Pitiporn, Assistant Director of Thai Traditional Medicine and Herbs Chao Phraya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital would like to present 5 herbs that have been continuously researched on immune enhancement and antiviral And will be further developed into herbal medicine in the future including

1. Phthalibol

There have been studies extensively in China, Sweden, Singapore and Thailand. Which Thailand is considered a country that has studied and researched widely. Including being used in the health system as well In the first round of the COVID-19 outbreak, research has found that paniculata has a virus-killing effect and inhibits division. This led to research in six patients with less symptoms found that it reduced the severity of their symptoms. Which is currently in the process of studying the second phase However It is not recommended to use paniculata to treat COVID itself. Patients should be properly diagnosed and, if so, should be treated from a medical facility as they are new to the disease. That requires close medical care However, the paniculata should be kept at home to alleviate the symptoms of the common cold during this time. Because it can help both prevent viruses entering cells, reduce dividing, increase immunity and reduce inflammation.

2. Turmeric

In vitro studies have shown that it reduces inflammation of the lungs infected with influenza A virus. And improves immunity The three-dimensional computer simulations found that the important substances of turmeric and demethoxycurcumine. It can compete with the location of the 2019 coronavirus that will enter the lungs. And the location that has an effect on inhibiting the division of the virus

3. Ginger

Spicy Has a warm feature Found activity against influenza virus. By using local food to cure colds Three-dimensional computer simulations showed that Zingerol and Gingerol were able to bind to the main protease location that inhibits the division of the 2019 coronavirus.











4. Amla

Three-dimensional computer simulations found that Phyllaemblicin G7 binds to leg protein and ACE2 receptors to enter the lung cells of the 2019 coronavirus, inhibiting the formation and division of the virus. It is an important process for viral multiplication.

5. Ya Chan Leela

Is a recipe for fever medicine Especially fever that occurs during changing weather Using this recipe can cover fever treatment. Contains many herbal medicines in the recipe, there are direct drugs that help relieve fever, reduce heat in the body and the drug helps to reduce the side effects of fever such as cough, phlegm, asthma, asthma. During the COVID-19 outbreak situation In China used as a fumigate And a study of the binding of infection in the computer found that Artemisinin has antiviral properties. Current research has shown that Chanlila can be used to reduce fever. As well as paracetamol It also has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

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