Depression is caused by what?

Depression is a psychiatric disorder that affects quite a few people. But there are still not many people who know this disease Some of them are without their knowledge. Thinks that it is because they think too much by themselves Causing not receiving appropriate and timely treatment

“Depression” is caused by abnormal chemicals in the brain. Not a weakness of the heart Let’s understand and learn how to cope with depression. Say that it is possible and can be cured!

In the latter We will continue to see news of suicide in association with depression. Consistent with the data from the Department of Mental Health found that 1.5 million Thai people suffer from depression ever. Which most people often misunderstand Think of depression as just a momentary change in a symptom or mental condition. Post traumatic and can be treated with encouragement. But in reality, depression is more severe than you thought. If left and not treated properly

Today we have good information from Prince Suvarnabhumi Hospital, Samut Prakan Province, affiliated with “Principal Healthcare”, revealed by Dr. Adisorn Manusarn, MD, Prince Suvarnabhumi Hospital about these symptoms. With more depression And have led to try to observe people close to each other This is for the benefit of finding the right treatment solution promptly. And prevent suicide that may occur in the future

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Depression is caused by what?

Depression is a psychiatric disorder. Caused by disorders of the neurotransmitters in the brain of three types, including Serotonin (Serotonin), North Epinephrine. (Norepinephrine) and dopamine (Dopamine), which affect thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and physical health. Is caused by genetics Environmental brain chemicals, such as parenting Influence from close people In the face of a huge loss, a character, especially a sensitive person, very thoughtful, negative.

Symptoms of depression

Observed symptoms of depression, depression, depression, irritability, anger, intense mood, boredom, loss of interest

In doing various activities Who used to like a lot, insomnia or sleeplessly, waking up or sleeping too much Loss of food or overeating, tired easily, lack of energy, lack of energy, don’t want to get up and do anything. Feeling worthless Not confident in yourself, blames yourself, has thoughts of hurting yourself. Want to kill yourself

If the above symptoms are present most of the time For at least 14 consecutive days is considered a high risk of depression. Should see a doctor immediately.

Diagnosis of depression

Can be diagnosed by taking history Ask for symptoms and stories from patients or close contacts. Or take a psychological test To understand and make sure the patient does not suffer from any other psychiatric disorder. That is similar to depression In some people who suspect that the patient may have other physical ailments That may be the cause of the symptoms found There may be a physical examination. And send necessary special examination

Guidelines for treatment of depression

There are several methods of treatment, including drug therapy. At present, antidepressants are considered safe drugs. Rarely have side effects Does not cause drug addiction And does not cause a stupor as it is mistaken In addition, the medication should be taken as directed by the doctor. And should not stop the drug itself is strictly prohibited Treat with psychotherapy and talking counseling. The doctor will assist in guiding the problem in a new light and ways to adapt. Or even finding something that will ease the mind of distress And electric treatment In severe cases

Practice thinking positively away from depression.

Eat all five food groups, with a lack of certain nutrients, such as omega-3s, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin D, copper, and iron, this may increase your risk of depression. Keep exercising They should exercise at least 4 days per week for 30-40 minutes and get enough rest. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages. Avoid drug use

In terms of life You should avoid putting yourself in situations that are mentally depressed.Practice to think positively; take time to engage in activities that create positive feelings, enjoyment, and make yourself feel confident and valued. And spend time with other people Rather than being alone

How to deal with depression

If a close person has symptoms Should be taken to see a doctor for appropriate treatment. And reminded to take medications as prescribed by the doctor Be careful about using speech that aggravates or appears to be such a small problem as it is. Others have not seen anything yet. Encourage me with good words like I’m by your side. You still have me. Talks listening without judgment, etc., expressed through actions such as hugging, holding hands

It can be seen that depression is a psychiatric disorder caused by a chemical disorder in the brain. It is not the psychological weakness of the patient at all. And not a peculiar disease This disease can be cured as well, so the patient is not afraid to seek treatment. Because the sooner the treatment is, the sooner the symptoms will improve.

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