Eubai Herbs Deworming You can dye your hair naturally beautiful.

Many people may know ebony as a component of natural fabric dyeing. But do you know that in addition to the properties of the color that is completely black Ebony is also a useful herb to watch. Especially people who want to be dewormed Or want to return the youth – young to yourself

Botanical characteristics

Ebony is a medium to large tree. The height is about 8-30 meters, the canopy is round. The young branches have soft hairs, the trunk of the trunk, the base of the tree is often pooopon. The skin is black. The skin is cracked and scaly small. The inner shell is yellow, sapphire white leaves are small single leaves. Elliptical or elliptical, alternating forms The ends of the leaves are joined together, the base of the leaf is round or rounded, the surface of the leaf is clean, the leaves are 3.5-4.0 cm wide, 9-10 cm long, the flowers are clustered in axillary Different sex flowers The male flowers are small. Into a short bouquet along the fork of the flower petals 6-8 cm long, the female flower is a single flower. The flower stalk is longer than the male flower stalk. The flower stalks are covered with soft hairs, round, smooth, and green when fully grown. About 2 cm in diameter, when the result is black.

Ebony has a scientific name as Diospyros mollis Griff. The English name of ebony is Ebony Tree. Ebony is a plant in the EBENACEAE family. Queen Royal Princess Mother Granted to plant a sacred tree of Suphanburi province on May 9, 1994 as well.

Ebony, extraordinary properties

* Solve vomiting, relieve wind

According to the Thai drug recipe Ebony roots have properties to cure vomiting, wind by giving the ebony roots clean. Rain and rice water Then eat to cure vomiting, relieve the wind

* Ebony can take a parasite

Classified as a distinctive feature of Ebony, that is The results of clinical studies reported that Extracts from ebony used to treat patients Can kill tapeworms and earthworms well. There are also reports of ebony use in the years 1934-1935 that found that ebony has medicinal properties in the treatment of hookworm patients. Of Siriraj Hospital well

In addition, in the year 1938, Dr. Weknet Wiset has tried to bring ebony powder to experiment for children and adults. Eating in size 2-4 grams, ebony powder was found to kill hookworms, tapeworms, threadworms. And roundworm

Mongkol Mokkasamit, MD, conducted an experiment using ebony sludge formed by adding acetic acid to the alcohol extract. Treatment of 50 patients with various helminthiasis, the dose was 2-4 g, adult 0.1 g / 1 year old, found that after treatment, no hookworm eggs of Ancylostoma duodenale and Necator americanus were found in the feces. And was effective in 6 patients with helminthiasis Pinworm Threadworms, flukes, and flats

While Dr. Charoensri and colleagues tested the efficacy of extracts from fresh ebony fruits with alcohol. Compared to using a worms to kill worms Tetracholrethylene In the treatment of hookworm, extracts from the ebony fruit were found to reduce hookworm eggs count by 50% and anthelmintic drugs reduced hookworm eggs count by 77.3%.

The Ministry of Public Health reported the use of ebony extracts with alcohol at a dose of 50 mg / kg. Hookworm treatment Wormworms were compared with Mebendazole at a dose of 2.0 mg for 3 days. The extract was found to be effective against hookworm. But it does not give very good results in the treatment of worms and worms.

* Ebony dyed her hair to make her hair black.

In addition to health properties Ebony is also good for its beauty, as ebony is a plant that gives a shiny black color, so ebony can be dried, or ripe ebony fruit can be squeezed mixed in shampoo or used as a direct hair massage. Ebony gives me thicker hair. And has a black color

How do you use ebony?

In this regard, bringing ebony to take parasites Or using ebony to treat disease Ministry of Public Health (Primary health) recommended as follows

1. Use about 10 fresh ebony fruits or more, less according to age-appropriate. (But use not more than 25 results at a time) by choosing a mature ebony and green, put on the coconut milk and then squeezed only the coconut milk to drink before meals. Or drink on an empty stomach, wait until 3 hours, if not taken, drink laxatives such as Epsom salts 2 tablespoons dissolved in water and drink it down.

2. Use ebony fruit (the number of sick children age), wash thoroughly and pound thoroughly. Add salt and clean water about 1 and a half glasses, stir well. Then filtered with some whites. Use about 1 glass of solution before bedtime or when you want to stop taking a shower.

3.Use 5-6 fresh ebony fruits pounded with fresh coconut milk or cow’s milk, then drink and drive parasites.

4. Take the ebony fruit as old (if over 25 years old, use only 25) and squeeze only the water Then mix together 1 cup fish mouth. When drinking, drink 1 cup of coconut milk, wait a moment, then drink the ebony juice that is squeezed.

5. Take the ebony fruit of the same age (if over 25 years old, use only 25) mixed with salt, then squeeze only the water. Then mix the same coconut milk until you get about 1 cup of water. Curry drink in the early morning, skip breakfast, but if the elements are heavy, drink hot water, insert a good amount of salt. If the element is light, do not insert Epsom salt.

Who should not use ebony deworming?

This group of people should not use ebony for deworming. Because it can be dangerous

– Children under 10 years

– pregnant women Or after new births

– The patient has a fever

– Patients with other diseases

Ebony, there are precautions in using it.

For safety Should use ebony according to the following instructions.

1. Should use fresh, green ebony. Because the black fruit is poisonous Inedible

2. When fresh fruits are squeezed and eaten immediately. Do not leave it for a long time Because it will cause poisoning

3. Do not

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