Thirty root herbs for women And many more properties!

Thirty root properties of this herb is known as a tonic for women. Which many people may have seen some herbal roots in the form of capsules. And did you know that Benefits of the Thirty Root This great herb is not only good for helping people who want to have children.

Thirty herbs. This herb has a origin.

Thirty Sam roots are actually being called many names, such as Sau Hundred Puang (Northern Region), Coriander, Chang Phak Nam (Isan), Three Hundred Root, Thirty Chee, Chang Chan Din or Sam Ton It has the common name Shatavari.

As for the Thirty-Thirty Root Tree, it is a hard ivy with spikes with rhizomes and underground roots like the roots of Krachai The flowers are small, white, separated into a bouquet, fragrant, etc., with fresh, round, smooth surface and black seeds.


Siv Sam roots are likened to the female rejuvenation power, an ancient remedy that traditional healers and herbalists have used as a tonic for women since the past. Which is the origin of the name of the young woman Another nickname of the Sam Rak Sam. The ancient people often brought the roots to boil, eat or form a bolus with honey, which is said to help nourish women, regardless of age, they can easily have children.

In addition, the herb Thiwati root has undergone many researches and found that the Siphthip root has the following pharmacological properties.

– Antibacterial and antifungal activity

– Loosen the muscles of the uterus

– Nourishes the heart

– reduce inflammation

– Relieve pain

– Inhibit diabetes

– Suppressing cancer cells

– stimulate the immune system

– Against low white blood cells

– Reduce blood fat levels

– Prevent ischemic heart muscle

– Reduce heart enlargement caused by high blood pressure

– has similar effects to estrogen hormone (Female hormones)

– Helps to balance female hormones

– Expel milk

– Helps to complete ovulation

– Help to nourish the man

– Strengthen the strength of the semen

– inhibit the occurrence of gastric ulcers

– Reduce symptoms of excess stomach acid

– Inhibit liver toxicity

– Solve hemorrhoids

– Expel the wind

– diuretic

– expectoration

– Nourish the unborn child

– cure bleeding

– Treatment of goiter

– Solve aches and pains

– Rain root is applied as an antidote to insect bites.

– Stimulates nerves, energizes


Thirty root herbs for women

And with the properties of the thirty roots that are similar to the hormone estrogen. Faculty of Medical Sciences Phayao Jing University has studied Effects of Thirty Root Extract on the Prevention of Musculoskeletal and Genital Dissolution. In ovariectomized rats Because foresaw that Osteoporosis, which is more common in females than males. It is mainly caused by a decrease in estrogen after menopause. With the results of the experiment that The mice were given an herbal extract of Thirty Root after ovariectomy. Their bone mass was greater than that of ovariectomized mice but did not receive extracts of Thirty Root herbs.

In addition, syrup root extract did not cause changes in the endometrium. So it can be concluded that Thirty root extract may be effective in preventing bone resorption in rats. Without affecting any reproductive organs But more trials are still needed to learn whether Will the Thirty Root extract have any effect on other organs?

Where can I find the thirty roots?

Although the Sam Roots Sibis is still seen in Thailand But there was no need to dig for the thirty roots to boil and eat to get tired. Because there are now thirty root extracts in capsule form available to purchase However, one should check to make sure that the root capsule is trademarked and certified by the Food and Drug Administration.

But if anyone is able to find a fresh Thirty Root Tree, they will bring it to boil the medicine for themselves, we also have a recipe for the Thirty Root Herb Medicine as well.

Sam Siew Root Juice (traditional recipe)


1. Thirty root herb, use the root part 2.5 kg.
2.10 liters of water

How to do it

1. Thirty roots are washed thoroughly.
2. Peel and remove the filling.
3. Cut into small pieces.
4. Wash thoroughly again.
5. Boil the water to a boil.
6. Put thirty roots into a saucepan.
7.Simmer for 3 hours.
8. Taste and can add rock sugar or pandan leaves to add fragrance.

Pure root


1. Thirty root herb, use the root part 2.5 kg.
2.1.5 kg of sugar
3.5 liters of water

How to do it

1. Thirty roots are washed thoroughly.
2. Peel and remove the filling.
3. Cut into small pieces.
4. Wash thoroughly again.
5. Boil the water to a boil.
6. Add sugar into the saucepan.
7. Simmer until the sugar is completely dissolved.
8. Enter the Thirty Root
9. Continue to simmer until golden brown.

Cautions in the use of the herb Sam Thiwat

Because the herb Thirty root acts like estrogen hormone. Therefore, it is classified as a herbal medicine that is not very safe for women who are already at risk of cancer, such as those who suffer from Uterine Fribrosis or have a lump in the breast (Fibrocystic Breast), etc. Therefore, whether Any herbs use, it is best to consult a doctor first.

Seeing the properties of the Thirty Root, many people are interested in looking for the Thirty Root to nourish their health. But do not forget the warning

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