According to research, the sound of an alarm clock can make you drowsy all day long.

Believe that many People face the same difficulty waking up. Continually waking up to school and to work Often the problem is solved by using the sound of a loud alarm clock heard to three houses, eight houses. Or a hard-core sound hitting the inner ear. To make him startled with extreme shock But do you know that even if it helps me to wake up, go to school, go to work? But they are not good for the quality of your sleep and your health.

Indeed, it is understood that a violent alarm clock is the most effective at waking a person. It makes sense. But one study indicates That hard-core alarm clock strikes the soul that can crash you all day long. Lethargy Drowsy after waking up And then ready to fall asleep at any time In the meantime A nice alarm clock may be the best in reducing that slumber.

The brutal alarm clock sounds Pull the soul from its sleep

A research entitled “Alarm tones, music and their elements: Analysis of reported waking sounds to counteract sleep inertia”, research by RMIT University, Australia. Found that setting an alarm with a loud sound Or the violent sound that suddenly frightens me is bad for my health Resulting in us stupor Drowsy after waking up And may result in drowsiness all day long More than the sound of a gentle alarm clock that gently wakes us up. The research was published in the journal PLOS ONE.

Lethargy, weakness, feeling that you can’t wake up fully This is called Sleep Inertia, or SI. People usually experience this condition for about 4 hours after waking up. But if you feel longer or feel sleepy all day Adversely affect your health in the long run Resulting in a decrease in work efficiency And dangerous for some occupations such as firefighters, pilots, drivers, military vehicles because of the symptoms that these people are not alert. Not ready to work And may fail to work and life threatening

Research on the sound of alarm clocks

This has led researchers from Australia’s RMIT University to conduct this research. By gathering 50 volunteers, both male and female. Come to fill out online surveys Then conduct a study And continued follow-up for 1 year by allowing the sample to record information about the sound used to set the alarm They also recorded wakefulness or inertia 4 hours after waking up to see SI condition, where everyone had a standardized sleep time.

The research found that the sound of a gentle wake-up song There was a significant effect on the occurrence of SI, that is, the subjects who chose to use the violent alarm clock experienced more SI condition. On the other hand, the subjects who chose the sweet, gentle alarm clock were less sleepy. This research therefore has the results that The drowsiness was correlated with the sound of an alarm clock. The more awakening the brutal, the more sleepy.

In the study, Stuart McFarlane spoke of the findings that morning sleepiness was a problem. Due to the brutal sound of the alarm clock That bumps the auditory nerve That you think stimulates the body to be alert It’s the wrong way to wake up. Performance can degrade for up to 4 hours, and during that time, major accidents can occur. Especially for people who are firefighters, pilots or drivers.

Because of awakening the brain in such a violent way Causing the brain to wake up suddenly Not in time to adapt As a result, the brain is confused and not ready to work. What follows is that we will feel drowsy as if not fully awake. Or or feel that you are not resting enough At least 4 hours after waking up and may cause drowsiness during the day. This is dangerous for a career that needs to be alert all the time. Because of dangerous work The lethargy makes the mind not ready to work.

In addition, Associate Professor Adrian Dyer, one of the research teams. Also explain further Whether a severe alarm sound, such as a whistle or an alarm sound Will disturb the brain to wake up suddenly At the same time, soft alarms, such as The Beach Boys’ Good Vibrations or The Cure’s Close to Me, gently awaken our minds. And wake up more efficiently

What other disadvantages are there?

Because of the sound of a strong alarm clock Let us feel immediately shocked or annoyed until we wake up. Will interfere with brain function from morning It is like awakening the resting brain unexpectedly. As a result, our brain is confused since waking up. And then this confusion and numbness that results in us not being refreshed, in a bad mood, frustration, exhaustion, lack of energy to work. Sleep quality deteriorates And bad for the brain in the long run In addition to the dangers that may arise from work.

But the sound of a gentle alarm clock helps us wake up brightly. Felt that he was fully rested And wake up with a higher quality Because it will make our brain gradually Slow consciousness And wake up slowly The brain has time to adapt.

Therefore, even if the alarm clock is brutal Will wake us up immediately Reduce the chance that we won’t wake up or wake up late. And not able to go to school or work in time But the performance of the brain will be reduced. Because we still feel sleepy But the sound of a softer alarm clock Will awaken the brain gradually Then we slowly wake up We are therefore less sleepy. More fully awake And more refreshing

But a major problem with soft and sweet music may arise in those who are difficult to wake up. Because these sounds may lull you to sleep. Or it feels more like a loud noise in a dream, so technology might need to be developed to help this group of people wake up more easily. Without having to use a harsh alarm clock to wake yourself up.

I know this Anyone who feels lethargic or lethargic all day long Let’s take a step back and see if you’ve set a hard-core alarm. If yes, try to switch to a sweet alarm. Cute, comfortable listening instead of a brutal alarm sound. Look and see how the change is.

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