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If going to keep the name of the good Chinese herbs that are valuable in the maintenance of health. Of course, I can’t think of each other. I can’t be afraid. But if talking about Chinese herbs that nourish the brain Many people probably think of “Ginkgo” because they have heard the advertisement. Or research that tells about this outstanding feature But is it true that ginkgo actually helps to nourish the brain? And what other properties are there? Let’s take a look at the information that the jar dot com brings together.

Ginkgo, also known in English as Ginkgo biloba, is a herb that has been around since ancient times. It is said to be an ancient plant that dates back 270 million years ago by this herb that originated in China. And has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 5,000 years. In the past, Chinese medicine is popular to use ginkgo in the treatment of cough, asthma and allergies. In most cases, the part that is most popular to extract or use in treatment is the leaf. But people also prefer to use ginkgo seeds as an ingredient in many different foods such as desserts or basjang.

– Energy 182 kcal
– Folate 54 micrograms
– Niacin 6 mg
– Pantothenic acid 0.16 mg
– Riboflavin 0.16 mg.
– Thiamine 0.22 mg.
– Vitamin A 558 units
– Vitamin C 15 mg
– Potassium 510 mg
– 0.274 milligrams of copper
– 1 mg of iron
– 27 mg of magnesium
– Manganese 0.113 mg
– Phosphorus 124 mg
– Zinc 0.34 mg.

Ginkgo biloba, excellent properties, good benefits in both seeds and leaves.

With so many properties and benefits inherent in ginkgo seeds and ginkgo leaves, it is not surprising to see ginkgo transformed into both a food and a health supplement. But what are the outstanding properties of ginkgo? Let’s go see it.

Lowering cholesterol levels

Ginkgo seeds have properties to help reduce cholesterol levels. By a 2008 study from Food Research International It was found that the soluble fat contained in the ginkgo seed. It plays an important role in lowering cholesterol levels in the liver. It can also help in the prevention of cardiovascular disease as well.

Prevent the occurrence of cancer

Ginkgo seeds are a great source of healthy antioxidants. Prevents the destruction of cells in the body from free radicals. Which causes almost all types of cancer Even though the ginkgo seeds are cooked until they are cooked, they still contain 60% of the antioxidants, which is very high compared to other foods.

High in vitamins and minerals

We can find different types of B vitamins such as riboflavin, niacin, thiamine, pantothenic acid. Folate and Vitamin B6, which are B vitamins that are good for the body, can be found in Ginkgo biloba seeds. In addition, good minerals such as manganese, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and serenium accumulate in ginkgo biloba seeds. Especially copper is a mineral that is important for neurotransmitters. And metabolic system Including as a component in red blood cells

Low calories

Compared to walnuts and almonds. Ginkgo seeds are foods that are not very high in calories. Because 100 grams of ginkgo seeds contain 182 kcal, they can be eaten without fear of obesity. But even so, eating too much may have adverse effects.

Treatment of depression

Studies have shown that people suffering from depression experience an improved mood when taking supplements containing ginkgo leaf extract. Especially in the elderly Many psychiatrists recommend that patients with depression take ginkgo biloba extract along with medication to treat symptoms. However, this extract has not been confirmed whether it is used in patients under 50 years of age as effective as elderly patients.

It may help treat Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Several studies have found that Ginkgo biloba extract may improve blood circulation in the body. Especially the circulatory system in the brain Which has a positive effect on helping protect against memory loss Including maintenance of memory Strengthen the thinking process And can help alleviate the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease But there are some studies contradicting the above, suggesting that “ginkgo biloba” may not have the ability to prevent Alzheimer’s symptoms. Or improve memory efficiency Research indicates that “Ginkgo biloba leaves” are beneficial for the brain. There is not much information, therefore, no institution has yet clearly confirmed this property of “Ginkgo biloba”.

Enhancing sexual performance

In patients with sexual dysfunction Taking a ginkgo leaf extract can help as this helps improve the blood circulation in the body. Correct the problem of inconvenient blood to circulate in the genital area. One study found that taking ginkgo biloba extract regularly for six months improved symptoms by up to 50%.

Alleviates Raynard’s Syndrome

Raynard’s disease is caused by a narrowing of the arteries in the hand. Causing the blood to flow inconveniently It can help relieve symptoms by eating ginkgo leaf extract. Makes blood flow to the tip of the hand easily, reducing the tip of tea or dark green when exposed to cold.

Relieve symptoms of diabetes in the eyes.

For diabetics Diabetic eye symptoms can worsen vision. Because the blood sugar will destroy the blood vessels in the eye. Which eating ginkgo leaf extract will help improve the color vision of people with diabetes.

Relieve the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

Dopamine deficiency It is a major cause of tremors and loss of muscle control due to Parkinson’s disease, but ginkgo biloba extract increases the circulatory system in the brain. This allows the body to produce more dopamine hormones. And deliver it to various organs in the body adequately

Treat pre-menstrual symptoms of women.

PMS syndrome, or pre-menstrual symptoms, is the symptom that only girls know best. By extracting from ginkgo, it can relieve chest pain. And screening of the breast that often occurs during the period before menstruation. It can also help alleviate other symptoms of hormonal fluctuations in the body during pre-menstruation.

In addition, in traditional Chinese medicine, ginkgo seeds are also used. It is believed that the ginkgo seed has a warming effect, helping to alleviate breathing problems. It can help treat asthma, bronchitis and urinary tract disease. However, it must be used in moderation. Because the use of large quantities may be able to get a dangerous substitute for it.

Precautions for using ginkgo biloba

Even if it nourishes the brain But, it’s not that ginkgo is just as useful. Because ginkgo is considered a dangerous drug. Some countries even require a doctor’s prescription to be able to buy it. This is because taking ginkgo extract can cause side effects such as headache, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, restlessness. Or have an allergic reaction to the skin With one report stating that A blood clot was found in the cerebral cortex of women who took 120 mg of ginkgo leaf extract daily for a long period of time.

Another thing that should be careful is Certain substances in ginkgo may interfere with platelet function. Especially those who use anticoagulants Taking ginkgo biloba extract may prevent the blood from sticking together normally. Not only Pregnant women or people with a history of seizures Absolutely should not be eaten. And those who have to undergo surgery but regularly eat ginkgo leaf extract, they should stop eating at least 1 month before surgery to avoid slow blood clotting.

The Thai Food and Drug Administration Has specified the requirements for the use of ginkgo biloba extract As follows

– In the use of ginkgo extract as a modern medicine. There must be an indication for people with inadequate cerebrovascular disease. Abnormal blood flow Including vascular diseases in patients with diabetes mellitus And abnormal blood flow to the skin By giving you 40 mg, 3-4 tablets per day

– In the use of ginkgo extract as a traditional medicine To be registered in a mix with other herbs that have properties to nourish the body. And allow the properties of the recipe as a body tonic

– In the use of ginkgo extract as a dietary supplement. Must obtain a food label usage certificate By allowing only the intake size not more than 120 mg per day and must not specify any properties in the treatment of disease at all.

However, ginkgo biloba extract is considered a dangerous drug. Must be sold only in modern drugstores. And not to advertise properties to the public

Knowing each other like this already. Do not be too obsessed with the many benefits of Ginkgo. You should be aware of the side effects as well. So that we can use this herb that is suitable and good for health. Because no matter how many herbs we use If we don’t take care of ourselves Those herbs may turn into a double-edged sword back and forth to harm us.

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