Herbs to treat vaginal discharge from fungi

There are quite a few women who are looking for a cure for vaginal discharge by themselves. Whether it is taking pills with drugs including the use of Thai herbs To help relieve the smell, itching and correct the vaginal discharge that caused the fungus in the vagina to return to normal But for those who still do not know what kind of herb to choose to eat in conjunction with the treatment of vaginal discharge. Jar.com has collected herbs that have antibacterial activity and inhibit the growth of bacteria in the vagina as follows.

1. That the uterus.

– Wan chak womb is a great herb for women since ancient times and is widely popular today. Because the uterine seizure effect is similar to female hormones (estrogen) for methods may choose to eat that finished uterus. Or take that male womb and cut it into glasses Bring it to the sun and then bring it to boil for regular use. It helps maintain and balance the internal system of women. Whether it is the work of the uterus, ovaries, and also help treat inflammation and abnormalities in the vagina as well.

2. Yanang

– Yanang, many people may be used to adding curry to help increase the intensity and delicious taste. But Yanang is also a cooling herb that has outstanding properties in detoxification, reducing the symptoms of vaginal discharge and helping to reduce inflammation within the vagina as well. Just pound fresh Yanang leaves or crush in drinking water. Then filter the residue out Drink on an empty stomach Or before meals 2-3 times a day may add water or ice to dilute the concentration as well.

3. Ramey

– Raghue is classified in a group of plants that help neutralize properties. Antibacterial by expelling unwanted things from the body By eating tea Raghdad Trough powder dissolves with water. Or bring various parts of Rachuew whether it is the vine root leaves to pound or squeeze only the water And bring it to a boil and drink In addition to helping reduce vaginal fungus. It also helps to cure irregular menstrual symptoms and maintain a bright and radiant skin.

4. Black Ginger

– Black Kaempferia, although it is a spicy herb that helps expel the wind. Reduce colic to be in control. But Krachai also has anti-inflammatory effects that reduce itching. And abnormal vaginal discharge May choose to eat fresh Krachai by bringing it to cook it. Or eat 2-3 capsules of Krachai capsules a day, it will help treat the vaginal discharge to relieve and eventually be normal.

5. Thirty roots

– Thirty herbs for women that help maintain strong overall health. It also has a weak acidic activity that helps fight bacteria and fungi. To kill germs inside the vagina And reduce the bad smell and solve the symptoms of vaginal discharge as well In most cases, this herb is usually eaten as a ready-made form.

6. Red plumbago

– Red plumbago It can be said that it is another very useful herb. That has properties that help cure women diseases like Symptoms caused by the fungus to return to normal It also helps to drive menstruation as well. By boiling the dried root with 2 glasses of drinking water and pouring 1⁄2 of the glass at a time, it will help fight bacteria in the vagina to come back and heal quickly.

However, these herbs can help reduce the problem of vaginal discharge. You do not have to sit down to worry to a certain extent, only a good way women should keep clean and hygiene care within you clean. And not always damp as well

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