Phak Biayai, extraordinary properties

Phak Bia Yai, the properties of local Thai vegetables that are useful in many ways Whoever sees it as just a weed up along the road, it will be regretful.

Want to soften and moisturize your skin without having to rely on Botox at all. Because research has found that local vegetables and Thai herbs called “Phak Bia Yai” helps to nourish the skin and treat it and prevent many diseases. But many people do not know that a green leaf that looks like a weed on the ground is this good. If so, it’s time to get to know the properties of this traditional vegetable.

This name is well known or not?

English Purslane Purslane has the scientific name Portulaca oleracea Linn. The common name is Pigweed Purslane, belonging to the family. PORTULACACEAE Considered to be the same plant family as Mrs. Can be found common in every region of Thailand. And there are also many names for each area, such as Bursa yellow flower, Curved bud vegetable, Yilu vegetable, Takgang, Heavenly red etc.

Botanical characteristics

Stems: It is an annual plant, short stems, succulent, creeping along the soil. Available in green or reddish purple The tip is raised up into a large piece, approximately 5-10 centimeters high.

Leaves: single leaves in the middle and have an inverted oval shape. Or similar to the tongue, rounded tip, tapered base, thick, green glossy leaves

Flower: both single flower Or may leave a bouquet but without flower stalks The flowers are small, bright yellow with short stalks. There are hairs or membranes around the base of the flower.

Result: a round oval When ripe, it will have a deep yellow color. When it is old, it will be brown.

Seeds: round or kidney-shaped, black, shiny, numerous.

However, the broccoli grows naturally easily. Often found in rock niches, cracks and walls of the ground.

The nutritional value of Pak Bia.

According to the Nutrition Department of the Department of Health, the young shoots of Buryuya in the amount of 100 grams provide the following nutritional values.

– Energy 37 kcal
– 2.2 g protein
– 0.3 g fat
– 7.9 grams of cholesterol
– Calcium 115 mg
– Phosphorus 40 mg
– Iron 1.4 mg
– Vitamin A 2,200 IU
– Vitamin B1 0.06 mg.
– Vitamin B2 0.14 mg.
– Niacin 0.8 mg
– Vitamin C 21 mg

However, people popularly bring the young shoots and young leaves of Biayai to eat it as fresh vegetables, boiled, boiled or made into salads. Put in an omelet Some are dipped with chili paste, made with Budu sauce, or made with sour curry because of its sour taste.

Phak Biayai, not a few properties

In addition to the nutrients mentioned above, there are many minerals. So it has properties in treating various symptoms well, let’s go and see what they are.

Nourishes the skin to be firm

The camellia has light shielding properties. And also makes the face look radiant and moisturized, including allergy Makes the muscles relax Firm face, no Botox injections needed With antioxidants Therefore, in foreign countries, Puri extract is used in cosmetics for sensitive, sensitive skin because it is safer.

Treat skin symptoms

Purya Yai has properties in the treatment of skin diseases. Whether psoriasis Or various skin diseases

Help nourish the brain

Believe it or not, the blackberry has more omega-3 than fish oil. Which this type of fatty acid is known for nourishing the brain Strengthen memory

Reduce cholesterol and prevent heart disease.

Besides being high in omega-3s, green vegetables are also low in fat and cholesterol. Therefore, it is good for the cardiovascular system as well. Eat it and help reduce cholesterol and triglycerides that are bad fats.

Cure constipation, hemorrhoids

Green vegetables are very high in dietary fiber. It also has a slippery slime. When you eat it, it will make it easier to excrete.

Cure colds, coughs, scurvy

People with colds or scurvy are often deficient in vitamin C. Which the trunk of Pueyai contains very high vitamin C Eating puja will help prevent and cure sickness from a cold. Including treating swollen gums Severe scurvy

How to use is to take 1 handful of green vegetables from the soil (fresh), rinse thoroughly with water. Pounded and squeezed water Filter out the residue Mix 1 tablespoon of honey, sip, eat, relieve colds and cough.

In addition, Phak Bia also helps to cure heat, cure fever in children, treat allergies, nourish rheumatism, make the eyes not dry, cure intestinal dysentery, cure diarrhea, as well as have patents to fight many types of cancer, such as breast cancer, cervical cancer. Colon cancer, etc. while abroad, it is also used in the treatment of various diseases as well.

Properties of Phak Bia Yai according to the drug formulation

– Leaves: cure dry cough, relieve light, diuretic, cure thirst, mask or apply to cure inflammation and swelling. Burns, scalds Solve hemorrhoids, pain and swelling

– Whole tree: solve blood transfusion Fixes chronic purulent wounds, swollen gums, sore throat, scurvy, cough, phlegm, and appetite. Help lubricate the intestines Help stop the bleeding

– Seeds: Used to drive parasites, a mild laxative, can help diuretic.

– Juice of the plant: applied to cure insect bites. Or brought drinking to cure pus in the urine

Method and size used

Use 10-15 grams of dry plants (60-120 grams of fresh plants), boil it with water or squeeze it for eating outside. Or boil water to rinse the area that is


– Pregnant women should not eat
– Patients with kidney disease should be careful when using. Because the fresh leaves of Pueyuan are high in oxalic acid It also has a high potassium content. Therefore should consult a doctor first
– People with mild elements, with easy diarrhea, should not get it.

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