9 Herbs to drive menstruation Relieve the symptoms of blood and wind residues.

Difficulty excreting blood in the body Lingering period Try to turn to these herbs for menstruation with blood drive properties. Period Plus good for health

Herbs that have the properties of menstrual blood is what should be used for women with menstrual problems Want to drive menstrual blood in the body Solve health problems for women to feel more comfortable. It also encourages normal menstruation once. Let’s take a look at what herbs to drive menstruation can help with this.

1. Safflower

Safflower is an herb that has properties to drive blood. Has the effect on the uterus and smooth muscle contraction. And also has the properties of amniotic fluid Helps the blood flow easily. Plus also cure hemorrhage as well Importantly, safflower can also help lower blood cholesterol as well. Eating is not complicated because safflower tea is now widely sold.

2. Yor

Whether in capsule form, noni juice or noni juice are available at most food and supplement stores. The properties of Noni also help to expel blood for women, purify blood, reduce fever, expel air in the intestines, cure vomiting, nourish elements and help them appetite.

3. Gambit

Herbs called Krabuea Kuadtua or Krabua Krua Bua Kua Kua or Red Tongue. Has properties of amniotic fluid after childbirth And as a drug to drive blood rot for women in the fire Where the part is used as a leaf And pounded with white spirits Then squeezed only water to eat

4. Glass

Glass plant with white flowers The scent of the glass flowers is fragrant. This is a herb that drives menstruation as well. In the recipe, about 10-15 grams of dried roots are boiled with 2 cups of water and then simmered to 1 cup. Take 2 times a day after breakfast and dinner.

5. Loot

Herbs are classified as herbs in the group to help drive menstruation as well. It uses a handful of hops, washed clean, then boiled with 1 cup of water, eaten 2 times a day, morning and evening to help drive the menstrual residue.

6. That the uterus.

Top herbal herbs that women are familiar with. Because the uterus is the main ingredient in menstrual drugs Blood tonic for women, available over-the-counter. But if you want to use that womb and periodic periodic herbal medicine as well By using the rhizome of the female womb collected in the dry season (about 11 months, 1 night to mid month 3) and then bring the rhizome of the womb to boil with clean water. Add enough water to cover the stalks and boil until the bubble collapses. Then filtered for drinking water to constrict the uterus Causing the uterus to enter the dock soon after giving birth Drive menstruation, cure uterine pain, cure hemorrhoids, cure hernia, drive wind, excrete amniotic fluid and treat indigestion

7. Orange

The leaves of citrus have an astringent taste. His properties, it helps to drive menstruation, diuretic and cure eczema. By the way of use, bring citrus leaves to boil with blood tonic. It will help the menstrual clot has a bad smell to be normal.

8. Cotton

The cotton plant that we know well, it also has properties to help expel blood as well. By using the bark of cotton roots, finely chopped until the volume is 8 grams, then brewed in half a liter of boiling water, or about 4 cups, and then eaten.

9. House Candle

Baan Candles, also known as White Candles, Thai Candles, Garden Candles, when the seeds are ground into a fine powder, then mixed 10 grams of Tang Kui, add a little honey to be enough to be a pill. It will get a periodic herbal drug to eat 3 grams at a time, 3 times a day.

However, using herbs to treat or alleviate ailments, you should consult your doctor again if it can be used. Because although the herbs are actually good properties But they should be used carefully and cooked properly. Otherwise, there may be side effects or disadvantages that may cause harm.

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