Esldpagpon, outstanding properties of detoxification

Esldpagpon, a Thai herb, famous for detoxification, good properties that are not difficult to find from ornamental plants near you

If it is said that with the properties of herbs that neutralize insect bites Esldpagpon is considered an herb that has outstanding properties in this field. But in addition, Chao Esldpagpon also has many properties that many people may not yet know. Which today the jar dot com would take everyone to get to know more about this type of herb Including asking questions about why Esldpagpon has both Male Esldpagpon And both types of female Esldpagpon And the properties are the same or not I certify that I know the answer for sure.

Esldpagpon is a plant in the circle ACANTHACEAE has different scientific names according to the type. The Esldpagpon is divided into 2 types: female Esldpagpon. (Clinacanthus nutans (Burm.f) Lindau.) And male Esldpagpon (Barleria lupulina Lindl.) The Esldpagpon also has other names that are different. By male Esldpagpon, some are called Phimsen Ton, Thong Rah, Sorrel, Tongue, Khanak, Ankh, City Ork The female Esldpagpon is often called Phaya Yor.It may also be called Phaya Chickpea, Phaya Klong, Phaya Plong Black, Phaya Plong Thong, Dragon Tongue, Phaya Jang, etc.

Both types of Esldpagpon have similar botanical characteristics. It is a shrub about 1 meter high with a single leaf. With the same inflorescences at the end of the branches The difference is in the trunk. Which Esldpagpon has long spikes on the trunk But the female does not have The color of the leaves is the same. Esldpagpon male has reddish brown petioles. Dark green leaves But the female leaves of Esldpagpon are green In addition, both types of flowers of Esldpagpon also have different colors as well. The male is orange. The flowers of the female are orange-red, however, people tend to plant Esldpagpon as an ornamental plant in the house to protect against animals and insects such as snakes, centipedes and scorpions

Esldpagpon with interesting properties

Whether it is male or female Esldpagpon, both of these two types are all interesting medicinal properties. Especially in the neutralization issue Which the properties of male Esldpagpon is softer than female Esldpagpon And the male Esldpagpon has a more bitter taste than the female But can be used as a replacement The properties of Esldpagpon are as follows

Female Esldpagpon

* Root – has a diuretic effect. Help drive menstruation, relieve pain and fatigue.

* Leaves – helps heal wounds, skin diseases such as herpes, burns, scalds and alleviates mouth ulcers.

* The whole tree – used to neutralize Especially poisonous insect bites, centipedes, scorpions help treat inflammation, cure shingles, relieve hives. And can heal scald wounds

Male Esldpagpon

* Root – helps reduce jaundice. Cure yellow eyes Solve the symptoms of not being able to eat Eliminate insect bites, poison snakes, relieve toothache.

* Leaves – Helps relieve pain in wounds, cure pox, mumps, shingles, herpes, bruises and help heal wounds caused by sharp objects.

* Both beginning – used like a female Esldpagpon And can be used instead of female Esldpagpon But the female Esldpagpon leaves are tasteless Male Esldpagpon has a very bitter taste. And male Esldpagpon is less active than female Esldpagpon

Caution in using Esldpagpon

Although Esldpagpon can help heal wounds and detoxify But should avoid bringing Esldpagpon directly to the wound area Because it may cause the wound to become infected

Have known with Esldpagpon From now on, it would be enough to separate these 2 types of Esldpagpon. But no matter what kind, they all have good properties if your home has a space. It is recommended to bring it to plant better. Get both eye candy Plus also get some good local medicine as well

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