12 herbs help digestion Suppress stomach cramps

A collection of 12 herbs to help digestion. Reduces uncomfortable symptoms, bloating, or tight stomach without medication. Plus easy to buy in our home Let’s reclaim the area in the stomach.

Ouch! Abdominal pain is definitely suspected of indigestion. Probably because when dinner found a satisfying meal, bought a lot, and after eating for a while, the stomach became tight, but I regret the food, so I tried to stuff it and swallow it after walking to wash the dishes. Sit back for a while and feel like this. Really, really not very appetizing, eh! It seems familiar that there are many kinds of herbs that can help digestion. I saw a bright way.

1. Ginger

How to cure stomach bloating

Ginger is a Thai herb that helps treat indigestion, heartburn, indigestion, expel air in the intestines, farting and burping. It also helps to treat cold symptoms, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and stimulate appetite. The young ginger has a yellowish white. Has a spicy taste and aroma. It is commonly used as a dip vegetable. The old ginger has a spicy taste. Popularly used to make ginger juice. Or for convenience, you can use instant ginger powder for drinking, it is equally delicious.

2. Orange peel

How to cure stomach bloating

Here, eat oranges, do not leave the peel. Because orange peel helps digestion of foods that are high in fat. Lowers cholesterol It is a mild laxative, adjusting blood sugar levels. And stimulate the filtration of toxins from the liver But because the orange peel has a bitter taste Therefore, it should be grilled until the shell begins to turn burnt color. This will make the orange peel taste less bitter, before eating it is cut into small pieces or take 1-2 grams of dried orange peel to boil with 3 cups of water and sip into tea. Orange peel will make it easy to eat. up But for anyone who likes convenience, I recommend you to buy dehydrated orange peels and keep them at home.

3. Garlic

How to cure stomach bloating

Garlic is a well-known Thai herb that is commonly used as an ingredient in many foods. The properties of garlic help reduce fat levels. Reduce high blood pressure And promotes a better immune system and also has a digestive effect as well. Because garlic contains substances that help increase gastric juice and bile, making digestion more efficient. Anyone who likes stomach pain due to indigestion often, eat garlic sliced ​​immediately after the meal and the symptoms will gradually subside, or for dorm people or condo humans, it will be difficult to buy fresh garlic to keep. It is recommended in the form of pellets. Can help as well

4. Shallots

How to cure stomach bloating

I remember when I was a child, when I had a cold, my mother would pound shallots or shallots, boil them with water, and mix them with warm water. Then take a bath because the substances in shallots help improve blood circulation and help keep the body warm. It also has properties to drive the wind. Resolve flatulence And help digestion and make it appetite as well Which can be used to cook many kinds of food Especially tom yum dishes and various yum dishes

5. Lemongrass

How to cure stomach bloating

Lemongrass is a bile excretory substance to aid digestion, expel air and reduce colic. Anyone who eats food and feels uncomfortable to brew lemongrass tea to drink, can help. By washing the lemongrass thoroughly and then cut into pieces Break it down, put it into a pot of boiling water and boil.

6. Holy Basil Leaves

How to cure stomach bloating

Basil is a better herb than used to make stir-fried basil. Anyone who does not digest food come and drink basil boiled water. Using a handful of fresh leaves to boil with boiling water. Filter only drinking water. Or use dried basil leaves to brew hot water and drink it as well.

7.Black pepper

How to cure stomach bloating

Black pepper has a spicy taste. Contains substances that stimulate gastric acid secretion Causing the body to burn energy Help digestion Reduces bloating, bloating, colic, and helps expel air, but if you want to eat black pepper, it’s not impossible, so it’s available in pill form for people with indigestion

8. Turmeric

How to cure stomach bloating

Ladies are familiar with taking care of your skin with turmeric. But did you know that turmeric can also be effective in enhancing ejection and stimulating bile production? Which bile is essential in the process of helping the body digest and absorb food It also resists ulcers and heals stomach ulcers as well.

9. Chamomile

How to cure stomach bloating

The properties of chamomile flowers not only help to sleep, but also help to expel the wind. Relieve inflammation and inhibit the occurrence of ulcers in the digestive tract. In our house will be sold in the form of dried flowers. Catch and brew with hot water for about 150 cc. Soak for 5-10 minutes and filter out the residue Or you can buy it in the form of chamomile tea to brew and drink as well.

10.Lemon balm

How to cure stomach bloating

Lemon balm is an herb in the mint family. The leaves are fresh green. It is wrinkled all over like mint leaves. The scent of the leaves will smell like a normal lemon. Which people who have symptoms of abdominal tightness, indigestion, bring fresh leaves to boil drinking water will help expel the gas in the stomach, sweat the heat in relieving the stuffy nose. In addition, crushed fresh leaves are also used to soak in warm water for a bath or a soak to relax. Can eliminate fatigue as well

11. Peppermint

How to cure stomach bloating

Peppermint contains menthol and menthol, when it enters the body, it has the effect of killing germs and viruses. Helps dissolve phlegm and mucus And most importantly, it also helps to relieve stomach upset and indigestion well. Using fresh leaves boiled with drinking water Or buy it in the form of peppermint tea to boil and drink as well You can add honey to add sweetness and freshness.

12.Tian flakes or fennel seeds

How to cure stomach bloating

White candle Or sweet fennel (Sweet Fennel) has a soft color like paddy. Chunky and larger than the spice fennel. Most of them will grind dry seeds to brew and drink to help cure indigestion, help expel the wind, as well as use for expectoration and coughing.

12 herbs to help digestion, all of which are not difficult to find here. Some herbs we are used to cook on a regular basis, however, should change our eating habits early.

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