Goji berry (Goji) How to eat it, can you lose weight?

I must say that the current weight loss. Awaken people to turn to love health more. Like foods that can help you lose weight It has been discovered and tasted over and over again, with Goji Berry or Goji is one of them as well. Which today, jars dot com will ask to bring goji berry or goji to describe it completely To know the benefits of goji berry for all questions Especially the story saying that goji berries can help you lose weight. How true is it, come see

Goji berry know each other a little.

Goji Berry (GOJI BERRY) This is a name in the international industry. But actually, goji berry is Goji. Chinese herbs have a long history ever. The goji berry is a type of fruit in the berry family. It has the most outstanding properties that people in Asia are known for being the richest in nutrients.

Additionally, Dr. Earl Mindell’s findings reinforce the fact that Goji berries are the most nutritious in the world. It contains 19 amino acids and contains 21 minerals that the body needs including zinc, iron, copper, calcium, phosphorus, selenium and germanium. (Helps kill cancer cells) contains vitamin C, 500 times higher than oranges, vitamin B1, B2, B6 and vitamin E to help normalize blood pressure. And help restore cells damaged by chemicals or radiation to return to normal faster

Goji Berry for Weight Loss How much help

Dr. Earl Mindell researched the benefits of goji berries and found that Goji berries help convert the food we eat into energy instead of fat. So to say that goji berries can help you lose weight, it’s not wrong.

Also, goji berries are rich in many nutrients as mentioned above. Therefore considered a super food The one that gives the body a full amount of energy. In addition, goji berries are sweetened from glucose. And has a fairly high fiber Thus helping to maintain the blood sugar level so that we do not feel persistently hungry Plus the available fiber will help you feel full longer. Reduce appetite for all kinds of food And help reduce the amount of food to eat in future meals

At this point, the issue of goji berries can really help you lose weight, you might have already gotten an answer. But in addition to the benefits of losing weight Goji berries are also useful as well.

Goji Berry or Goji, the outstanding properties of red fruit.

1.Is an elixir Help to be happy

A 2008 study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that volunteers who regularly consumed goji berry for 15 days were more likely to be healthy. To explain clearly, feeling energized. Have more energy than you used to be Sleep better And have more happiness too

When the experiment continued to drink goji berry juice, it was discovered that the volunteers had less stress. Weakness, fatigue decreased. Better digestive system And tended to have higher happiness compared to the experimental group who did not drink goji berry juice on a regular basis.

2.Protect your skin from UV rays.

The results of the experiments on mice were published in the journal. 2010 Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences found that mice fed goji berry juice were more likely to resist UV rays and inflammation caused by scorching UV rays than mice that did not consume goji berry juice.

The researchers cited the results of the study that This may be due to the antioxidants in the goji berry. To help protect and effectively protect the skin from UV rays

3.Eye care

Goji Berry contains Taurine, a 2011 study from Optometry and Vision Science found that taurine has the ability to improve vision. Especially the eyes of the elderly and people with eye problems due to diabetes.

4.Against cancer cells

Because goji berries are very high in antioxidants. Thus, it can protect the body cells from being damaged by cancer cells. Additionally, goji berry’s antioxidants help repair cells that have been inflamed. Protect cells from various degeneration and prevent the occurrence of tumors as well.

All of which we are not saying, but confirm it with a 2008 study from the journal Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

5.Beneficial for the liver And prevent Alzheimer’s

The study is published in the journal. Ethnopharmacology found that goji berries reduced liver damage in rats exposed to the toxic chemicals. The researchers expected this protective properties may be related to the antioxidant properties of goji berries.

In addition, preliminary studies in laboratory animals have also found that Goji berries may help balance blood sugar. And researchers estimate that this may also help protect against Alzheimer’s dementia.

How to eat goji berries

Traditionally, Chinese people often put goji berry or goji berry in the soup. Put into a cup of tea Because most of the time we see goji berries in dried form rather than fresh ones, dried goji berries must be soaked or mixed in watery foods or beverages such as tea, wine, fruit shakes, etc.

But actually, goji berries are quite similar to raisins. Moreover, now there are dried goji berries that you can eat and enjoy. This means that goji berries can be mixed with yogurt, salad, toast, or in cereal. Or who would try to buy ready-made goji berry juice and drink it is convenient.

Where to buy goji berries?

At this point, we have goji berries for sale in most department stores, so let’s walk around the floor where there are raisins for sale. Or if you can’t find it, try going to the local food zone, spices, seasonings, Chinese medicine are likely to exist. As for salons, the price is not expensive.

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