Turmeric, a superb herb Help take care of health

Yellow turmeric is a useful Thai medicinal plant. And known each other for a long time Especially the benefits of food It can be used for cooking or coloring, flavoring, and flavoring dishes such as fish tai pla, curry, fried chicken, etc.

But sooner or later … Today we are not inviting friends to cook foods that contain turmeric as an ingredient. Because we will talk about the excellent medicinal properties of turmeric. Do you know how to say that turmeric can help treat any illness? If you still can’t imagine Followed to know more about turmeric better.

“Turmeric” or known by people as “Turmeric” Chiang Mai people call it turmeric. Turmeric curry head turmeric to tease people in Trang, call the mint or mint, the scientific name is Curcuma longa Linn. It is a biennial plant in the ginger family. Which is native to Southeast Asia, about 30-90 cm tall, has an underground rhizome. The branches are cylindrical, split laterally on two sides, and the flesh of the rhizome is dark yellow to bright yellow. Has a unique fragrance

A single leaf of turmeric is pierced from the rhizome, arranged in a loop, overlapping a lanceolate, 12-15 cm wide, 30-40 cm long, light yellow flowers. Pierced from the rhizome Inserted between the petioles Usually 3-4 flowers bloom at a time, round shape with 3 lobes.

The rhizomes of turmeric contain active substances such as curcuminoids. Which is a yellow substance made up of many Both deadmethoxy curcumin And bisdemethoxy curcumin And essential oils Which contains important substances like thermerone And Singji Berry Which all these substances help to increase the medicinal properties of turmeric as well

Medicinal properties of turmeric

Let’s look at the medicinal properties of turmeric. The part used is the “rhizome” that has an astringent taste. The rhizome has the effect of killing bacteria, fungi, reducing inflammation and having the effect of bile excretion. Antioxidant Prevents cancer in the liver, nourishes the liver, also contains many nutrients. Including vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and various minerals


As for the essential oils in turmeric, it also has properties to relieve abdominal pain, bloating, and colic. Therefore popularly used turmeric to heal stomach ulcers Cleansing the intestines Cure stomach disease

Additional research studies have also found that Turmeric has many other body nourishing properties. Both help treat respiratory disorders, asthma, cough, dizziness, pain and inflammation due to rheumatoid arthritis. Increase the immune system of the body Help to drive breast milk after childbirth.

Oh, but it’s not like growing turmeric and will dig up the rhizome to use immediately. Because of the rhizomes that will be brought up to use it They must be at least 9-12 months old and must not be stored for too long. Otherwise, the essential oils will disappear. More importantly, it must be kept away from sunlight as well. And do not harvest in the period when turmeric started to sprout Because it will reduce the curcumin in turmeric Which makes the excellent properties of turmeric disappear as well

How to use turmeric to treat disease

– If you want to take turmeric. To rinse turmeric to rinse thoroughly. Do not peel off. Then cut into thin glasses and put them in the sun for 1-2 days and then ground them thoroughly. Mixed with honey Formed into small beads about the size of the little finger. Taken by eating 2-3 tablets three to four times a day after meals and before bed Will help resolve the above symptoms But if someone eats and has diarrhea Or have colic distension To stop the drug immediately

In addition, it can also bring the fresh old rhizome about 2 inches long to scrape off the bark. Take it to rinse thoroughly. Then pound thoroughly, add water, just juice, take 2 tablespoons a time, 3-4 times a day.

For people who buy turmeric powder to eat themselves. Use a recipe that is 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder mixed with 1 glass of water (not full) and eat. Turmeric, which flows through the internal organs, can also nourish that organ, through the throat to help expel dust mites in the throat, through the lungs to help the lungs breathe better, through the spleen reduces fat. Does not allow lymphatic damage, through the stomach. It will help heal stomach ulcers, through the intestines will help heal ulcers in the intestines and through the liver will nourish the liver. Degreasing in the liver

– The use of turmeric as an external drug. To treat allergic reactions, inflammation, redness, insect bites To bring the turmeric rhizomes about 2 inches long to rain with boiled water. Then apply the area 3 times a day or use turmeric powder to sprinkle the area with an itchy rash from insect bites, it can help as well.

However, studies have shown that If you take turmeric for the time your organs are activated, they will be more productive. So we would like to bring you how to eat turmeric to get a good result. Which should be eaten at the following times

– 03.00-05.00 is the time of the lungs. Eating turmeric during this time will help nourish the lungs. Prevent lung cancer Strengthens the lungs And help with the allergy of the nose that is not easy to breathe And also helps to strengthen the immune system of the skin


– Time 05.00-07.00 is the time of the colon. Will help solve the colon problem Which if you have been taking transfusion for a long time To eat turmeric at this time. Because turmeric will restore the nerve endings of the colon. But must be eaten regularly to constrict the colon to help normalize the bowel.

In addition, turmeric can help solve problems of the large intestine, small intestine. And colon problems with too little or too much excretion as well But if the colon has no problem You can eat turmeric along with yogurt, fresh milk, honey, lemon or warm water. To help clear the intestinal wall with millions of tiny hairs This will help wash this hair area thoroughly without leaving any residue on the hair. And when the hair is clean, it will not produce toxic gas that causes body odor. Prevent hemorrhoids and colon cancer as well.


– Time 07.00-09.00 is the time of the stomach. Will help solve stomach problems caused by eating out of time And also reduce bloating, tightness, knee pain, stiff legs, help nourish the brain and prevent memory loss


– 09.00-11.00 hrs. Is the time of the spleen. Turmeric can help solve problems of lymphatic damage, mouth ulcers, being overweight and thin, which are associated with the spleen. It also reduces the symptoms of gout. Reduce diabetes symptoms


– Time 11.00-13.00 is time for the heart. People with heart problems If eating turmeric at this time Will help maintain a healthy heart But if you take turmeric past 11:00 am, turmeric will work on the liver Then the liver will deliver to the lungs The lungs are sent to the skin. (But most often do not reach it because eating too little turmeric Other organs will be pulled to use before reaching the skin), so turmeric must be applied through the skin to help another way.


– 3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. is your bladder time. Turmeric will help maintain a healthy bladder sphincter. Solve the problem of vaginal discharge of women And should eat Krachai juice at this time Will help maintain healthy bladder sphincter During this time, sweating should be very good. Because the body needs to detoxify as much as possible at this time


In addition, if you eat turmeric from this time until you sleep. Will help improve memory And when waking up in the morning, it will not be tired. Helps to excrete better as well.

Turmeric and skin care

Already known the medicinal properties This time, I would like to please the women who love beauty and beauty. Believe that the girls must have seen people applying turmeric to the face. Or on the skin after a bath, that’s for sure, which is one way to nourish your skin. Because turmeric will help make the skin smoother and more luminous. It also has properties to prevent hair growth. Makes your skin look smooth and fine.

Turmeric skin mask formula

Take a small amount of fresh turmeric and rinse thoroughly and cut into small pieces. Blend with 2-3 pods mixed with 1 lemon juice. Blend until fine and homogeneous. Then apply a clean mask to the face. Leave it for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with clean water. As soon as you use it, you will be able to feel your face firmer. And if anyone does it regularly, 3-4 times a week, it is guaranteed that the skin will be bright Definitely looks better

And this is the cool properties of turmeric that is classified as another type of herb. That has many health benefits ever.


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