Roselle, good properties, reduce fat pressure, nourish the heart.

The properties of okra are good, very strong, it is a healthy herb that is easy to find, delicious, and inexpensive.

If talking about okra Many people would think of okra juice, red, sweet and sour taste. Drink and enjoy And have you ever wondered about the properties of okra? How good are okra properties for your health? If you still don’t know, let’s get to know the benefits of Roselle.


Roselle, Thai herb, strong red color.

Roselle has a scientific name as Hibiscus sabdaiffa L. The English name of hibiscus is Jamaica sorrel or Roselle.

Native to the hibiscus in West Africa. From then, okra was grown in common equatorial countries. Okra likes full sun and will grow well in moist soil. Therefore okra is easily grown in our home, becoming a very easy to find herb.

The botanical characteristics of okra are shrubs. The height of the tree is about 1-2 meters, the branches of the tree are purple red. With hair on branches and stalks Okra is a single leaf. Oval or finger shape Size: width 7-12 cm. Long, 8-15 cm.

The flowers of okra are yellow. The middle of the flower is reddish purple. The flower size is about 4-5 cm wide. Roselle flowers are single or double flowers in the axillary. In Okra flowers, the stamens are connected to each other in a tube. The fruit is dry and cracked, covered with a juicy red calyx.

The nutritional value of okra

Table showing the nutritional value of Thai food from the Nutrition Division, Department of Health shows the nutritional value of okra in the amount of 100 grams as follows:

– Energy 48 kcal

– 87.9 g of water

– 1.7 g protein

– 0.1 g of fat

– 10.1 g of carbohydrates

– Fiber 1.3 g

– 0.2 g of ash

– Calcium 9 mg

– Phosphorus 4 mg

– Iron 0.8 mg

– Thiamine 0.11 mg.

– Riboflavin 0.24 mg.

– Niacin 4.5 mg

– Vitamin C 44 mg

Properties of okra

Now let’s look at the properties of Roselle. Better than Roselle. Will the properties be like a bright color? Let’s go see

1. Reduce fever

Okra contains important phytochemicals, antioxidants, and phenolic compounds. Flavonoids And substances in the anthocyanin group Which from the academic data shows that These phytochemicals have antioxidant, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effects. In addition, the vitamin C in okra also helps to strengthen the immune system as well.

2. Coughing and dissolving phlegm.

In traditional medicine recipes, it was found that okra leaves are effective for coughing, dissolving phlegm, driving oily mucus in the throat to flow into the anus It also helps solve the disease, chiropractic again.

3. Diuretic

From the study of the patients to drink roselle calyx extract, it was found that Roselle had a good diuretic effect. In this experiment, dried roselle calyx was ground into 3 grams of powder and brewed 1 cup of boiling water or approximately 300 ml. Recommend to bring Roselle calyx to brew with hot water to drink as a diuretic.

4. Relieve thirst to refresh the body.

Roselle has a sour taste. Because it contains vitamin C and citric acid, it helps excrete saliva and cures thirst. By bringing the okra flowers to dry Boiled in boiling water to make okra sweet and delightful.

5. Heal stomach ulcers

Roselle has anti-inflammatory properties. And has properties to help heal stomach ulcers Lubricate the intestines And is a mild laxative

6. Reduce blood fat.

The seeds of okra have properties to help reduce blood fat and cholesterol. By grinding the dried okra seeds into powder Then be brewed with hot water or boiled drinking water. Reduce blood fat, nourish the blood, bile excretion, urinary excretion

7. Prevent heart disease

Anthocyanin that makes the calyx of roselle flowers red It is an antioxidant that makes the blood less viscous. Helps reduce bad fat in the blood vessels. Thus preventing the arteries from hardening Prevent ischemic heart And reduce the risk of heart disease Which popularly bring okra to boil with jujube To nourish the heart

8. Heal wounds

Okra leaves have anti-inflammatory properties. From traditional medicine recipes, it is found that fresh leaves of okra are washed thoroughly and thoroughly. Then bring the abscess or boil the leaves and bring the water to boil the leaves to wash the wound. It will help relieve the wound to heal faster in addition, the leaves also contain vitamin A. Can eat, nourish the eyes.

9. Prevent anemia

Roselle contains iron. Which is an important mineral of hemoglobin Moreover, the acidity of the phytochemicals in hibiscus flowers also increases the absorption and distribution of various minerals in the body, resulting in roselle helping to prevent anemia.

10. Reduce blood sugar

A study with type 2 diabetics who received 3 grams of roselle tea and 150 ml of hot water for 1 month for a month was found that the blood sugar level of the subjects had the highest drop from 162.1 to 112.5 mg / dL. Due to the biological mechanisms of phytochemicals that reduce the digestion and absorption of single and double sugars through the inhibition of alpha-amylase enzymes. And alpha-glucosidase

11. Lower blood pressure

Based on clinical studies in subjects at risk of hypertension. The volunteers drank 1.25 g of roselle tea and brewed with 240 ml of hot water three times a day for 6 weeks. The subjects’ blood pressure decreased by 7.2 mmHg. (While the heart constricted) and 3.1 mm Hg. (While the heart is loosening)

12. Protect the kidneys

A clinical study in which volunteers drank 24 grams of okra juice per day found that the phytochemicals in okra were found to excrete creatinin, uric acid, citrate, tritrate, calcium, potassium and phosphate; and In the animal data, it was found that Phytochemical acids in hibiscus flower, 750 mg / kg. Can prevent and stop the development of stones. But the effect of the inhibition of gallstones in people still needs to be studied.

13. Kills bacteria in the urinary tract.

There are studies that confirm that Roselle has a bactericidal effect on the urinary tract. The substance in Roselle will cause the urine to become acidic, thus helping to kill bacteria in the urinary tract.

Cautions of okra

The blame and toxicity of Roselle are the same. According to the study, it was found that Excessive amounts of hibiscus flower extract had the effect on decreased sperm production and sperm count. Therefore, you should not eat okra in large quantities. Or consecutive long periods of time

In addition, patients with impaired renal function should not eat okra. Including pregnant women and lactating women Should avoid eating okra for a long time as well. Because the results of studies in mice showed that May cause biceps to enter puberty slower.

The most used roselle is the calyx or that many people understand that it is the flower of okra, sure enough. And besides making okra drink to relieve thirst We can also bring the shoots and young leaves of okra to cook. Or can squeeze out the red color of the petals to decorate the food color as well


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