Black Kaempferia, Thai herb properties, small size, that is more than useful.

New generations may not know what “Krachai Dam” is exactly. In fact, this plant is in a wide variety of food menus in our country. It is also an herb that helps maintain and treat various diseases. Well, Sanook! Health will bring you to know this herb better.

What is “Black Krachai”?

Krachai Dam is an herb that is very beneficial to our body. Which you young It is well known that this herb can help in enhancing performance and increasing sex hormones. By Black Krachai is a plant that is in the same family as ginger Have a similar rhizome They are known until they are known as “Thai ginseng” or “Krachai Dam ginseng” but at a lower price. People in the north are called Kaon, Ra-Ann, Kan Bang, Wan-shelter, Wan shelter, Wan Ngang, Wan Phaya Peacock, while people in the Northeast like Maha Sarakham Province are popularly called Khing Sai.

1. Medicinal properties of “Krachai Dam”

We use “Krachai Dam rhizome” to make a drug to treat various symptoms. Whether used as a diuretic, carminative, cure dysentery, cure indigestion, stomach upset, used to treat symptoms of gastritis caused by eating out of time. The scientific data has stated that “Black Ginger” has antimicrobial activity. That is, living organisms that are very small Such as bacteria Or even a virus It is resistant to hypokalemia compared to many drugs such as aspirin, indomethacin, and prednisilone.

2. Other benefits of “Krachai Dam”

2.1 Increase male sexual performance

According to the herbal information brochure Faculty of Pharmacy Mahidol University It was stated that ethanol extract obtained from the rhizome of Kaempferia had an effect on the sexual behavior of the tested animals. This will help increase the flow of blood to the genitals. Effectively inhibits the contraction of the penis smooth muscle. And smooth muscles of the genitals of those who have sex reassignment surgery The muscles loosen. The blood can flow into the penis as well. The erection is therefore more effective.

Additional experiments with volunteers aged 65 years and taking capsules containing ethanol extract from Black Ginger for a period of 2 months showed that they were able to increase the response to sexual stimuli (erotic). stimuli) as well as the size and length of the penis are increasing. Making them feel satisfied with their erections Then when the extract is stopped. The body will return to its normal state. It is proven that Krachai Dam has the effect of actually enhancing sexual performance. But even so There are no additional studies out there to confirm how much extract is appropriate for safety. Therefore must be extremely careful before using it

2.2 Increase female hormones

From the information in the Thai herbal medicine textbook, it has been stated that Black Kaempferia can help nourish the blood in women, resolve the vaginal discharge, make the blood more circulating. Help normal menstruation When menstruation Abdominal pain will decrease. It also contributes to the maintenance of flawless skin as well.

3. Maintain the circulatory system Help prevent stroke.

This story is based on a research paper of the Faculty of Medical Sciences. Phayao University Stated that When induced cerebrovascular rats were given 200 mg / kg of black ginger. Over the course of 2 weeks, the symptoms of weakness, an indicator of neurological dysfunction, were significantly reduced. It also helps to reduce the amount of brain necrosis caused by ischemia as well.

4. Properties of “Krachai Dam” and the treatment of diseases

– cure diseases in the mouth such as ulcers, stomatitis
– Allergy treatment Help to detoxify various toxins in the body
– Treat joint pain such as back pain, body pain
– Maintain strength, help strengthen the muscles of athletes
– It helps to eliminate fungi that cause skin disease.

And this is a good story. About the health that we bring Even though you haven’t known each other until you get used to But I believe that many People may have tried various dishes. That contain a mixture of “Krachai Dam” or “Krachai Dam”, some are aware, some are unaware Is another good herb That help treat various symptoms And keep our bodies healthy More importantly, you must not forget to exercise at the same time. In order to take care of yourself completely

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