Makhampom, a deity herb that many people overlook.

During the weather near this change Many people may be sick. Cough cough or cold symptoms to be seen Need to focus on a little vitamin C, but if it is good, it must be natural to be the safest for us. Most people when they think of vitamin C, they think of oranges. Let me brake first, because we want to say ‘Amla’ is the mother of vitamin C!

Makhampom is an herb that has been popular since ancient times. This is a perennial plant that provides shade and moisture. It is also a very good food and medicine. A small green amla fruit gives five flavors: sour, sweet, spicy, bitter, astringent.

Better than that, every part of the Makhampom tree can be used to make all medicines. In 1 amla, it contains very high vitamin C, equivalent to 1-2 oranges. Can be eaten as a fruit to relieve thirst. It is also a cure for colds, coughs, sputum dissolving, diuretic, laxative, treatment of scurvy. Plus, it is high in calcium. Help build strong bones and teeth. Cure fever from changing weather

According to Thai traditional medicine, he took fresh amla, squeezed it into water and drank it 3-4 times a day, 1-2 teaspoons of amla juice has a cooling effect to reduce heat. And cooling off the body Make the urine flow

1. Nourish the sound

Makhampom helps to moisten the throat, not dry, bright sound, not hoarse. The old singers then slashed one of the amla cubes until they had finished crying in order to prevent their voice from becoming hoarse. Also used to dissolve phlegm Stimulate the secretion of saliva Therefore solve thirst well

2. Black hair, not gray before aging.

In India, it is popular to make amla as a nourishing oil for black hair. Including preventing premature gray hair and hair loss, our own home has a simple way It is a formula from Chao Phraya-Abhaibhubejhr Hospital. By taking a handful of dried amla, soaked in 1 bowl of water and held for 1 night. I will be stronger and reduce gray hair problems.

3. Relieve colds, coughs, sore throats.

The amla fruit has properties to cure the cold and cough as well. Use 15-30 amla fruit juice for drinking from time to time can relieve these symptoms.

4. Maintain a healthy body

Indian texts raise amla as an excellent nourishing fruit. He believed that if you eat 1 child every day, your health will be healthy. Because Amla nourishes almost all parts of the body, from hair, brain, eyes, throat, trachea, lungs, heart, stomach, intestines, skin, lymphatic drainage. Nourishes the blood and nourishes Currently, studies have shown that amla can help reduce blood pressure. Reduce sugar and fat in the blood.

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