5 herbs to eat and sleep well Answers to hard workers

Thailand is in the tropics and has a wide variety of plants. As a result, the food culture of Thai people has used various plants as an ingredient in cooking such as curry. The plants that are used are herbs that have properties in many ways, who works hard. Accumulated stress and insomnia, try bringing these 5 plants to your dinner. In addition to adding flavor to food It also helps to relax and sleep easier.

1. Garlic

It is a major ingredient in cooking. That must be attached to the house Rich in alkaline and sulfur Which has properties in relieving fatigue symptoms Can cure insomnia It is also edible if you put garlic under your pillow, the volatile substances in garlic can help you sleep better. Reduce startled shock and absent-mindedness

2. Basil

Herbs with aromatic oils that smell fresh. Used to cook fried and boiled dishes that we are familiar with. The aroma of basil helps relieve stress. Reduce sleep shocking Relieve insomnia and reduce depression symptoms as well.

3. Cassia

The popular spinach is made for curry. Cassia is a medium-sized perennial, all parts of cassia have medicinal properties and can cure diseases. The leaves and flowers contain anhydrobaracol that has properties that help relieve stress, cure neurosis, have a mild sedative effect, thus helping to sleep well, and also has a mild laxative effect. Solve constipation as well.

4. Ginger

Biennial plants with rhizomes, which we will use the rhizomes to take advantage. Which is often used to cook food to stop the fishy smell and add spiciness. Ginger has properties to relieve many kinds of ailments. Including improving the circulatory system Help reduce inflammation in the body Relieve headache Drinking ginger water before bed will help you relax and sleep.

5. Neem

Eat a pair of sweet fish sauce. Neem and grilled catfish are very popular in winter, as neem is abundant in this season. And still corresponds to the expression “Sweet as the wind” because neem is bitter There are many properties such as balance the fire element. Reduce body heat Help appetite Reduce anxiety stress More importantly, it allows you to sleep better and sleep more deeply.

Taking these herbs is another option to help your sleep more effectively. However, people who work hard and suffer from work-related stress must solve the root cause best. There is a perfect allocation of rest and working time. And then we insomnia will improve accordingly.

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