10 diseases from the “sweet addiction” behavior that you need to know

Sweet and juicy toast A sweet and sweet iced bubble tea, or even noodles with sugar poured down until sweet. These sweet eating habits Can be seen everywhere today But when the sugar level is too high Will result in insulin malfunction Causing cells to become insulin resistant And is the beginning of many diseases, let’s check out 10 diseases that should be distant when eating too much sweetness


Severe insulin resistance This will make the pancreas unable to keep blood sugar levels low. Soaring blood sugar levels Or swing up and down Will eventually make you diabetic

Heart disease

Foods high in sugar It increases the risk of heart disease. Because sugar affects the pumping process of the heart Increase the levels of triglycerides, bad fats, glucose and insulin in the bloodstream.

Fatty liver

When the liver synthesizes fructose to turn into fat It will be stored in various parts of the body, especially the liver.

High blood fat

When eating starchy foods And a lot of sugar Will cause triglycerides to accumulate in the body Causing the fat content in the blood to increase


The sweetness will make you feel more hungry. And not feeling full You will feel Not enough to eat. And easily gain weight without knowing

High blood pressure

Sugar makes the hormone catecholamine. And high uric acid Which are all causes that cause high blood pressure.


Sugar and various desserts It is one of the foods that triggers migraines.

Tooth decay

Sugar is easy to digest Bacteria in the mouth can therefore multiply quickly. It is the cause of various oral problems such as tooth decay, corrosive enamel, gum disease and bad breath.


Insulin is a hormone used to regulate growth. And an increase in cancer cells An increase in insulin And unstable insulin levels Can cause cancer cells to grow in your body.

Brittle bone disease

Sugar can be absorbed into the bloodstream quickly. Cause imbalance in the blood When the blood becomes more acidic The body therefore has to balance it by extracting various minerals. That accumulates in the bone instead

In fact, sugar is like a drug. Because the sweetener will stimulate the secretion of dopamine Or the hormone of happiness Cause addiction And always feel like eating dessert Although eating dessert makes you feel happy. But consuming too much sugar Will cause the body to work harder And is the source of various diseases as well So let’s try to eat less sweet foods or desserts. For good health

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