Cardamom But resonates far from all over the world

If talking about the Thai food rankings that are famous all over the world of Thailand, it is inevitable that Tom Yum Kung and Papaya Salad, but recently CNN news agency There is a ranking of the best food from every corner of the world. Thailand, which is known as the kitchen of the world, does not miss the number 1 of the best food in the world. That is Massaman curry. That we have been familiar with since childhood Even as a child, everyone had to recite poetry. Massaman curry with Kaew Ta … But it cannot be a unique flavored massaman without a spice like “cardamom”. People around the world are interested in making Massaman curry. Therefore, it is inevitable to get to know cardamom as well, if we consider it, we will see that it can take advantage of every part of cardamom ever, such as root, flower, and easy to plant and maintain. It is also an herb, an economic plant for export abroad. Bring in the country several million baht per year

Properties of cardamom

We can make use of almost every part of cardamom. Starting with the first part

1. root

Bring to boil, used to treat gum and tooth diseases. It also helps women with irregular menstrual periods. Help balance the blood. Use a body detox And dissolves phlegm in people who have a cough

2.head and shoots

Dipped in chili paste Can be eaten fresh or boiled. Or bring it fried with red curry paste, it is famous It can also help as an anthelmintic drug. And the head can be applied rain to cure shingles

3. Shell

Bringing it to a boil can reduce fever. Help appetite Make the blood flow better Maintenance of elements in the body, treatment of skin diseases, ringworm, phlegm.

4. Core

Used to treat symptoms of blood poisoning By expelling toxins from the body


5. Leaves

Treat the symptoms of digestive disease such as stomach cramps, help expel wind, indigestion, colic, nourish the body, help the body recover from fever, discomfort, body weakness And treat the symptoms of cyanosis Used to treat wind disease

6. Sapwood

Treatment of skin diseases And nourish the blood and make it powerful


Treat digestive problems such as indigestion, flatulence, and a lot of wind in the stomach. Constipation, or ancient times, is called deformed stools. The seeds can be used to correct the deformed elements. Including helping to adjust the intestines, reduce nausea and vomiting

8. Rhizome

Bring the rhizomes of cardamom to dry. It can help kill some bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, E.coli that cause diarrhea, diarrhea, and Candida albicans, a fungus. They are mostly found in the female bladder or vagina. It can also help reduce small bowel movements, thus reducing vomiting. And has an antioxidant effect as well

9. Cardamom

In addition to helping digestive diseases, carminative, indigestion, help maintain trace elements. Causing appetite and expectoration of phlegm more than that Cardamom can also be extracted into essential oils with a distinctive scent. And used as an ingredient in traditional Thai medicine as well Camphor or camphor It is the main component of cardamom essential oil. Other than that, it will come in the substance pinin (pinene), limonene (limonene) and myrcene (myrcene), which has medicinal properties. It can help lower blood sugar levels. Especially patients with diabetes Because essential oil from cardamom helps inhibit glucose reabsorption. And enhances the function of insulin to be more effective Insulin helps eliminate sugar in the bloodstream. But does not work well in patients with diabetes. Therefore, increasing insulin efficiency is essential in patients who are unresponsive to insulin use. Cardamom is another herb that should be recommended to people with diabetes. Which is one of the help in the treatment of disease Cardamom seed essential oil also nourishes the blood. Increase blood flow to various parts of the body as well. In addition, the substance cineole in cardamom. It also reduces the peristalsis of the small intestine. Not to have problems in digestive disease Terpene and diterpene peroxide inhibits Plasmodium falciparum malaria, etc.

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