Thirty-three roots and another name in the name of Hundred-Husband.

The name of this herb was opened, it seemed to be very cruel as well. But I really can’t help wondering why this name is So today we went to search and grab and find information. It appears that it is not only an attractive name, but its properties are equally interesting and attractive to buy and use. Don’t waste your time. Let’s get to know better with Sam Roots or Hundreds of Husbandry.

Why do you have a young woman?

Considered to be an art of using Thai words Looking at being attractive doesn’t mean a bad thing, however.
The reason why I got this name is because this herb is an herb that has the ability to help both men and women in fitness.

What properties are interesting in the roots

Let’s start introducing properties for you to know more about this herb. Starting with the taste first The taste of the Thirty Root roots is cool and cool, so it’s hard to eat, not that much. Hold your breath and lift one I can tell you that it is quite refreshing.

By starting with the first properties, it would be inevitable that it is a good tonic Many people use it as a tonic that has it all. Drink and refresh Ready to go for a long time, if it is on the side of India, it will use the thirty roots to stimulate the nervous system as well.

For those who like to suffer from low pressure symptoms and dizziness often may have to try eating Thirty root mixed with wild ginger rhizome, red sandalwood and mixed with Rong liqueur to reduce these symptoms. But you have to be careful because you eat too much, it should be drunk not difficult.

Not just the three in terms of strength only This is because the Thirty Root has the ability to help balance blood pressure and help lower blood sugar levels for you.

And even more if someone has a fever and the body looks difficult to recover and still has a drowsy, you must not miss out on the Thirty Root to help replenish the power, help stop the fever, get rid of the fever faster. It can also help reduce coughing for you as well.

It is not exhausted yet because the disease is popular right now, such as too much acid, can be used to help Considered to be a good wind expulsion Solve indigestion for you as well. If you are having intestinal and stomach problems, this is another medication that can help you alleviate these symptoms.

Things to be aware of if you are going to eat Thirty Root roots.

Caution will focus more on women. Because in the thirtieth root there is a hormone that is similar to the hormone estrogen. If anyone is at risk of getting cancer or is in the group of Uterine Fribrosis or Fibrocystic Breast, then they should not enter the body at all. Considered to be able to cause consequences

Sam roots say that the properties are a lot. And has been applied in various fields of medicine If you are interested in eating, do not forget to consult a doctor and a specialist first.

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