Noni, various properties Reduce the risk of diabetes. Hypertension

Noni this name may be familiar to common people. Because it is a Thai crop that has been around for a long time Thai people use our children to cook. The familiar one is Mok Bai Yo. But noni will not be used in cooking In Thai traditional medicine, noni is a medicinal plant with many beneficial medicinal properties. Although the look of Noni is not beautiful and when cooked, the smell is pungent, the leaves are large.

Noni properties when used to make medicine, it can be used to treat and prevent many diseases. It is a medicinal plant that should not be overlooked for those who love health and seek alternative treatments and nourishment.
We can take advantage of noni since the leaves are large. Use it for cooking, wrap the meat, cook it, it will smell and taste delicious, bring out the sweet taste of the breast meat. Or will the yor leaves be used as pet food, including large animals, ruminants, herbivores, and silk worms, more interesting than that is the use of yor leaves to make medicine. The leaves are used to cure blisters When brought to a boil, drinking the water from the yor leaves helps to heal a headache as well.

Villagers generally use yor leaves to make home herbal medicine. Can be said to cure various diseases From serious illnesses such as malaria, tuberculosis, flu, to minor symptoms such as sprains, joint pain, sprain legs, fractures heal a broken bone. When boiled, extracted yor leaves juice out for drinking, it can also treat various underlying diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure. Urinary tract disease, hernia, abdominal swelling, loss of appetite and abdominal pain, vitamin A deficiency, etc.

Noni has medicinal properties that help in treating many diseases as well. By being used for both raw noni Treatment of scaly sores around the mouth Inflammation of the mouth The vapors from noni boil are used to treat stye. Boiled Noni and minced meat gargle will help relieve sore throat and strep throat. Drink noni juice to kill parasites in the intestines.

Properties of noni Stimulate appetite, cure anorexia Noni fruit can also be used to make various topicals. When the result is crushed and applied to cure acne, acne can collapse. Apply the shower abscess. Blisters and inflammatory lesions on the face There was a noni leader to extract water and used as a cure for high blood pressure. Noni oil has the effect of reducing stomach pain. Even the trunk of the yor tree

If the bark is brought to the tree, it can also cure jaundice. Noni seeds are a good remedy for head lice and prevent insect infestation. The flowers are tiny white flowers used to treat sty eyes. Noni root is also useful as it can be used to treat severe symptoms of drug abuse.

Nowadays, we can buy noni to eat both in the form of fresh noni juice. Extracts from different parts of noni are dried noni capsules Dried noni leaves are an alternative health preservation derived from natural noni herbs, so do not worry that there will be side effects on the body like modern medicine that is a chemical extract, but Somehow

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