5 herbs for treating gastritis with methods to make sure you can get it completely cured.

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5 herbs for treating gastritis with methods to make sure they can be cured. Gastritis or chronic ulcer disease is not a new disease for people today. And more and more people tend to develop this disease as a result of hectic lifestyle. And daily stress And acid that destroys the stomach by mixing strong acids in the various foods that are eaten as well The gastritis is that With the symptoms of the disease itself, there is already suffering for those who already have some degree of the disease.

Is that there is a lot of pain in the stomach, both stinging and pain. Both on an empty stomach before a meal and when the stomach is full after a meal, so does the digestive juice. But there is another danger. Stomach disease can progress and if it is severe, the stomach may penetrate and lead to death. It also causes cancer as well. There are several methods for treating gastritis. Both taking medication and changing dietary habits

To eat on time according to meals But there is also another treatment which is Herbal remedies which have no side effects and have other benefits for the body as well. Herbs help treat gastritis include:

1. Turmeric

Turmeric contains a substance called curcumin, which is responsible for wound healing, helping to heal internal wounds located on the stomach wall. Which is the part of the meat that has been corroded to cause a wound To heal and recover faster

And also helps the body secrete gastric coating Make the stomach not be bitten by acid or gastric juice easily. The way to eat is Turmeric powder must be molded together with honey into a round ball like bolus. And eat about 4-5 children a day on a regular basis

2. Banana

The effect of raw banana has the effect of stimulating the secretion of gastric coating called Miuzene. There are several methods of eating raw banana, depending on the aptitude and preferences of each person. Such as bringing raw banana slices to the sun To dry and grind Sprinkle with food in various menus, can brew and drink mixed with honey. Banana powder, raw powder that has a astringent taste. No astringent, easy to eat

3. Okra

The okra inside, if you notice a slippery clear slime in the pod, if eaten, this mucus will coat the stomach. Food is good for reducing abdominal pain during ulcer healing.

4.Aloe vera

Aloe vera is the same as okra. Is that there is mucus that is involved in the gastric coating that is good. But in addition, aloe vera can also help heal stomach ulcers as well. The way to eat wan nang ja is Peel the fresh aloe vera leaves and remove the bark, green parts and thorns. Then there will be clear jelly left to eat fresh, 1 stalk or 1 tail, divided for morning and evening. Twice a day

5. banana head

Gastritis caused by alcohol and alcohol use It can be treated very effectively by drinking the juice that is squeezed from the burning of cotton buds. Eat half a glass a day consecutively. Thai herbs are very useful and functional and have healing properties. Only knowing the properties and how to use them will make them far away and free from disease. Such as herbs to treat gastritis that have been brought together

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