11 natural herbs for gastritis

Gastritis is one of the most common diseases. Because they are easy to each other Causing an ulcer in the small intestine, pain in the stomach area Caused by many reasons There is too much acid and gastric juice in the stomach. Therefore, today we will look at a simple remedy, anyone can do it with 10 herbs to cure gastritis, easy to find, delicious too.

1.Namwa banana

Methods for treating gastritis with bananas are useful in all parts, from fruit to plant, leaves and cabbage and banana. It is considered to be a very delicious fruit, 2 children can get rid of hunger, everyone knows that Namwa banana has a variety of benefits, such as helping the skin shine, having water, having a smooth and beautiful massage. If we eat every day on a regular basis Will help heal stomach ulcers Because in the banana Contains substances that stimulate the stomach to secrete substances “musine” to coat the stomach.

2. Turmeric

The best herbal turmeric can be used as a remedy for many things. And more importantly, it helps people with gastritis as well, because turmeric has a substance called turmeric. Curcuminoids Which reduces inflammation in the stomach And help heal the stomach Stimulate bile excretion

Helps the stomach to digest food better. Reduce colic They can be eaten fresh or they can be mixed in food. Or made to be dried and eaten with honey, it will be even more delicious Just eat 4 times daily or eat before bed, certifying that 2 weeks can see results.

3.Aloe vera

Know aloe vera There are many benefits And I like to use it when I have a toothache And popularly used for skin It gives a really beautiful skin. It nourishes the skin very well. And has many other properties Especially the subject of the treatment of gastritis Wound healing, scalding and detoxifying the body We can eat it fresh by peeling off the leftover clear jelly. Then wash thoroughly. Eat every day 3 times before meals will be even better. I certify that it is beautiful from the inside. And definitely outside

4. Okra

The best herbs that many people do not know. Okra How many benefits are there? Most of us like to dip chili paste, which is very delicious, properties can help cure gastritis. And ulcers in the intestines It contains substances called Patin and Kam to help coat the stomach ulcer. Just eat continuously for 15 days to certify that the results are guaranteed.

5. banana head

Anyone who has just given birth is very popular because it is an herb that has been used since ancient times. In regards to stimulating milk supply It also has many medicinal properties and is notable for helping to treat gastritis. With the results of the experiment from a group of people who regularly drink alcohol continuously for many years Causing gastritis and ulcers in the intestines, they burned the cotton buds and squeezed only half of the water Then continue for 3 consecutive days to help coat the stomach ulcer.

6. Maweng Fire

Many people like to bring it to curry and eat it. It is useful in covering the stomach and intestines, helping to maintain the digestive system. And helps to take care of the skin If you do not want to make difficult food You can bring it to boil with clean water. And then take it to drink to treat gastritis at all

7. Guava

My house in different provinces Farming Therefore, I was eating until I was bored. The guava contains tannins which help stop the spread of germs. Heals both external and internal wounds, especially the intestines. And an ulcerated stomach It also reduces inflammation. And reduce nausea as well

8. Noni

Noni herbs that don’t taste like much. But has medicinal properties It can help with acid reflux as well. And also help with gastritis, wound healing and reduce acute inflammation

9. Little Crow

Another Thai herb Little-known substances contain Disterpene alcohol, which heals wounds quickly. Stimulate tissue regeneration And stomach ulcers And reduce gastric acid secretion Popular to dry. And ground until fine, then bring to a boil For drinking like tea

10. Amla

Anyone who likes to eat snacks, then go sculpting with Makhampom. Collect and sell it for money as well Makhampom has many medicinal properties. Especially in the matter of the treatment of stomach ulcers. Maintain various parts of the body, prefer to eat amla powder before meals and before bedtime, take 1-2 teaspoons each time, just to assure that gastritis will retreat from you.

11. Cabbage

It is unbelievable that a common vegetable like cabbage. It has incredible medicinal properties. I like to eat it. I eat it often. Cabbage contains the nutrient glutamine. Help in the matter of stimulating the stomach. In the process of creating the lining of the intestinal wall, gastric ulcers heal faster. You can eat any kind, which is comfortable, fried, boiled, or whatever.

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