14 benefits of chrysanthemum herbs Along with the ancient recipe for making chrysanthemum juice

Did you know? Chrysanthemum comes in many colors and varieties with a pungent, bitter and sweet scent. It is a cold medicine, not a Thai herb. But it belongs to Japan But spread to Cambodia and Laos until reaching Thailand There are many beneficial substances in chrysanthemums, including Flavonoids, chrysanthemines, adenine, stacidveine, choline and amino acids, these substances play a role in different vascular systems.

Chrysanthemum benefits

1. The benefits of chrysanthemum treatment for hair loss slow down gray hair.
2. Chrysanthemum drink to relieve thirst is very delicious, my favorite thing.
3. Expel toxins from the body, sweat and urine.
4. Against many viruses and HIV.
5. Reduce the risk of cancer.
6. dilate blood vessels Prevent arteriosclerosis And the occurrence of various vascular diseases, nourish the blood, increase blood flow
7. Prevent diseases related to the heart system.
8. Reduce high blood pressure.
9. Nourish and maintain eyesight, swollen eyes, redness, eye pain, blurred eyes, blurred vision, blurred vision, inflamed eyes.
10. Relieve headache, dizziness, dizziness, dizziness.
11. Cure cold symptoms, cough symptoms, effect as a cold drug, heat poisoning, heat treatment in
12. Helps to drain and digest food, expel the wind.
13. Nourish the lungs, liver, kidneys [Thai herbs help cure kidney disease]
14. Fresh flowers are ground and mixed with water and drink. Apply the residue to the area where the abscess or swelling is present.

How to make ancient chrysanthemum juice

Ingredients: approx 2-3 handfuls of chrysanthemum flowers, 1 – 2 Chinese gardenia seeds, 3 – 4 pandan leaves, 1 cup of granulated sugar, add as much as you like, 3 liters of water.

How to do it: Wash the chrysanthemums thoroughly. And allow it to drain until the water is drained Then boil the water with pandan leaves at this stage. Let us cover the pot. In order for the pandan leaves to smell fully, when the water boils, beat the Chinese gardenia until crushed. Wrapped in some white cloth And then put down to soak to get the desired yellow color

This step does not need to cover the pot. And the Chinese gardenia will smell and spoil the taste, we just take the color when the water starts to turn yellow. Let us put the chrysanthemum flowers down, stir thoroughly and boil for another 10 minutes, should not be boiled for too long. And to fill out the chrysanthemum flowers when the boil is complete Because if soaking the chrysanthemum flowers for too long The water will taste sour.

*** Important notice

People with mild diarrhea prone to mild diarrhea should drink moderately chrysanthemum herbs. And chrysanthemum juice will add acid in the stomach. Therefore, people with gastritis should not drink a lot.

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