Wan slut, properties of Wan slut 5 items

Characteristics of the slut.

That slut is divided into two types: a male slut and a female slut. (That hermit pencil), which will have a slightly different botanical characteristics, such as the color of the leaves and the flesh of the head. By that the female slut is stronger than the male slut.

That looks like a head or rhizome underground. The appearance of the rhizome is spherical. And branching into a small flow Is about 5-10 inches long, the roots are large. Not broken into roots The height of the plant is about 1 foot. The meat in the head of the male slut is yellow. The meat in the head of the female slut is white. The stems and leaves are similar to turmeric. There is a single leaf, alternating, green leaves, the appearance of the lanceolate, the tip of the blade, the base of the rounded leaves, if it is the male slut, the middle line and the leaf sheath will be reddish.

That female slut.

Also known as “That hermit pencil” is classified as a herbaceous plant Underground The leaves are elliptical, pointed leaves, rounded base with green stems and leaves. No red color “Wan slut male” (Wan slut) by the female slut’s head will look like a pencil Therefore is the origin of the name “That hermit pencil” when it is broken or cut, it looks like it smells fishy As well as that of a slut (That male slut), but the smell of the female slut has a stronger smell. Also have “Slut Krachao” which flowers will look like a cone. Has the same fishy smell But not as severe as that of a female slut


There is a flower that stabbed from the main rhizome that is underground before leaf germination. By that female slut The flowers are white. Petals are white with a yellow middle stripe. (Dotted with yellow), but if it is a male slut Flowers are yellow. It will bloom in summer continuously until the rainy season of every year. And the scent of the flowers that both have a cold and fishy smell similar to the smell of “sperm” and believe that if anyone sniffed the smell of this flower Will arouse the desire for sex for no reason Which in ancient times was very reliable For those who grow this type of aloe Always collect flowers before they bloom. (It will not be popular to have flowers attached to the tree until they bloom) because it is believed that if anyone can smell and touch that flower, it will cause sensuality. Causing intense sexual energy Especially in transgender women It is the origin of the name “Wan, slut”

That the slut is propagated by means of separating shoots. As for the method of growing that slut Should be planted next Monday. Then water the spell with the Na Mo Phuttaya 3 spell. At the end of the planting, use a small, low-shaped pot for planting. Add humus or sandy soil mixed with decayed leaves. And watered a lot But let the soil be wet Adding a little manure will help the plant grow faster. Once the leaves are erect and strong, they are then transplanted into a larger pot to make the wan tuber larger. And should be placed in a place where there is moderate sunlight

Wan slut is considered an ancient, rare and endangered species. At present, that true slut is extremely rare. He who knows is often not disclosed For fear that the conductor will be used in a bad way You may be able to find that this species can be found in the western and northern regions, such as in Kanchanaburi, Lampang and Tak provinces.










Properties that the slut

1. Use in a charming way. Flirtatious charm Young people in ancient times used to search for flowers and collect them for cooking with sandalwood oil and aloe vera. Or used to grind with honey lip paint Using body oil When it was time to meet the young lady Any woman who spoke with the smell of oil or honey. Was often soft-hearted and easily complied with And it is considered that the most powerful charm

2. For women, if the leaves and the wan. And put them in a jar of water or in a well And then ingested will cause a very strong sexual sensation Or just plant it and can smell the flowers sprinkle Can then be enthralled and intoxicated in the mundane Therefore having faith to pluck the flowers and discard them

3. Used as a great mercy. With the belief that if any shop has a female slut planted in front of the store Will help make a good trade With customers continuously entering and exiting the shop Especially in various entertainment venues and beer shops, if they have it, it will be very good.

4. With a great mercy. It is used in trading and negotiations to help make it successful easily. Using the head that is pounded thoroughly, mixed with honey color, applied to the lips before going out to meet and negotiate.

5. It is believed that this charming cultivation If grown in the house, it will be a blessing to the house. Neighbor affectionate But some texts state that this type of algae should not be planted in the house. With the belief that it may be the cause of the fault of the female family. Because Thai people in the past would live together as a big family

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