Asiatic good benefits that you may not know about.

When talking about Gotu Kola This kind of herb came up, many people would imagine that it just solved the symptoms of bruising in it (the heartbreak is not related to it), but in reality. Gotu Kola or Asiatic has many properties. Because it has been known about the treatment of many diseases Such as epilepsy, skin disease, diarrhea, bloating, gastric ulcer Has a sedative effect Helps to nourish the brain, improve memory, reduce fatigue of the brain.

Centella asiatica contains many important compounds such as bramoside, braminoside, triterpenoid. Madikassosoy Which has anti-inflammatory effects It also contains madicasic acid, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin A, vitamin K, calcium, magnesium, sodium and amino acids such as aspartate, glutamic acid, serine. Reonine, alanine, lysine, histidin, etc.

Centella asiatica is suitable for people who are hot, have a tough condition or have a humid heat. Because it is an herb that has a cooling effect

Benefits of Centella asiatica

1. Gotu Kola is a plant with moderate to high levels of calcium. But contains low levels of oxalate that are harmful to the body

2. Asiatic leaves help restore youthfulness. Reverse age and age

3. Used as an elixir

4. Helps to strengthen and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

5. Contains anti-oxidants Help fight the deterioration of cells in the body.

6. Benefits of Centella asiatica Helps to nourish and maintain eyesight Rejuvenation around the eyes Because Gotu Kola contains high vitamin A.

7. Helps treat inflammation, swelling and red eyes. With the use of Asiatic leaves wash with clean water Squeeze only the water and drip it on the eyes 3-4 times a day.

8. Helps nourish the nerves and brain like ginkgo leaves.

9. Helps to improve memory and increase intelligence.

10. Improves memory in the elderly

11. Asiatica is believed to help increase IQ, intelligence and learning ability.

12. Asiatica leaf has properties to help slow down the symptoms of dementia in the elderly, postmenopausal women, Alzheimer’s disease, or short-term forgetfulness.

13. Improves concentration, resolves ADHD.

14. Improves your ability to make immediate decisions

15. Helps relieve headache. One-sided headache

16. Helps relieve dizziness.

17. Help relieve stress.

18. It enhances the function of GABA (GABA), a neurotransmitter that helps maintain mental balance. Thus helping to relax and make it easier to fall asleep

19. Helps improve blood supply to different parts of the body.

20. Stimulates tissue regeneration.

21. Used as a body tonic.

22. Help maintain blood in the body.

23. Nourish the heart

24. Help restore health from various diseases.

25. Helps to refresh the mind, clear mood.

26. Help make your face look bright like a teenager.

27. Used as an elixir

28. Nourish the sound

29. Helps heal a sore throat. With about 1 handful of fresh Gotu Kola taken to pound and squeeze out the water and add 1-3 teaspoons of vinegar, then sip and eat often.

30. Helps to cure thirst

31. Centella asiatica has properties to help relieve heat in the heat.

32. Gotu Kola contains inhibitors or slows the growth of cancer cells. Help fight cancer

33. Help cure diabetes. It helps to reduce blood sugar levels in people with diabetes as well.

34. Help treat jaundice from humid conditions. With the use of Gotu Kola 30 grams of rock sugar 30 grams of boiling water.

35. Help cure anemia.

36. Help cure asthma diet.

37. Help treat high blood pressure. With a handful of fresh plants boiled with water and taken to drink. Or will use fresh Gotu Kola about 30 grams to bring water Add a little sugar and drink it for 5-7 days.

38. Helps cure epilepsy.

39. Helps cure bronchitis.

40. Helps cure purulent mastitis in the early stages. With the use of Gotu Kola and the bark of the prostate, 1 result is boiled with alcohol and drink.

41. Helping people get mad.

42. Help treat blood-related diseases.

43. It lowers blood pressure. Increase the flexibility of blood vessels And improves blood flow

44. Help cure disease caused by phlegm.

45. Helps relieve fatigue and fatigue.

46. ​​Help with fever

47. Help stop nosebleeds. Because it makes the blood walk But the blood will not come out of the veins and also make the blood cool as well.

48. Help relieve the symptoms of bruising in Concussion injury

49. It is an easily digestible plant.

50. Helps to increase appetite Eat more food

51. Helps relieve diarrhea.

52. Centella Asiatica extract has a good preventive and inhibitory effect on colon cancer.

53. Help relieve symptoms of twisting.

54. Helps cure dysentery or have bloody mucus when excreted.

55. Help heal ulcerated stomach.

56.Use as a laxative Helps to drain the stomach, relieve the wind

57. It is used as a diuretic.

58. Relieve symptoms of urinary incontinence. By using about 50 grams of Asiatic leaves, put them down and mask the navel When urinating well, remove it.

59. Helps to expel heat in the urinary tract. Prevent the formation of gallstones

60. Help cure urinary tract stones by using 50 grams of Gotu Kola boiled with rice water for the second time and drink it.

61. Help treat symptoms of pus from urine.

62. Help relieve symptoms of bile in the body too much.

63. Help treat enlarged spleen.

64. Help treat infection of viral hepatitis.

65. Relieve Rheumatoid Joint Pain

66. Use as a hemostatic drug to put on fresh wounds by using about 20 fresh leaves to wash thoroughly and mask the wound.

67. Helps heal wounds to heal faster. Accelerates tissue regeneration

68. Helps relieve bruises. Using Centella asiatica to crush it and then apply it to the bruised area Or use about 40 grams of Asiatic leaves, boiled with about 250 cc of red liquor. About 1 hour and bring to drink

69. Use Centella asiatica to mask it to treat heat and swelling of erysipelas. Or use it to treat symptoms by using Gotu Kola juice mixed with glutinous rice flour to make liquid starch. Mask the area as

70. Help cure poison from insect bites.

71. Helps treat various skin diseases such as leprosy, psoriasis, scabies, measles, etc.

72. Suppress the growth of bacteria that cause pus.

73. It can help reduce the inflammation of the wound very well and can be used to heal the inflammatory wound from surgery as well.

74. Help treat white spots on the skin.

75. Used as an antidote. Helps reduce the burning pain from burns and scalds. With the use of about 3 fresh Asiatic trees, washed with water thoroughly. Pounded and then put on the burns

76. Gotu Kola is produced as capsules for sale. It has properties for helping to nourish the brain (Brain tonic).

77. Nowadays, it is used as a modern drug in powder form for sprinkling the wound. And in the form of oral tablets to treat surgical wounds, fresh wounds, burns, scalds or pus abscesses And also helps prevent scarring as well

78. Helps to cure a fishbone stuck in the throat. By bringing Gotu Kola to boil water and slowly swallow the water down the throat.

79. The leaves and vines of Bua Kola are eaten as fresh vegetables with roasted shrimp paste chili paste, crispy noodles, pad Thai, Larb Koi, red curry, yum with Centella asiatica, bamboo shoot soup, etc.

80. The juice from Centella asiatica is used to make Asiatic oil, used to nourish the head. Has properties to nourish the scalp and hair. Helps to make your hair black. Solve the problem of hair loss Premature gray hair

81. Centella asiatica juice is a great summer drink. Because it has various effects as a cold medicine to extinguish the heat in the body

82. Centella Asiatica Extract It has properties to reduce skin irritation and is safe for the body.

83. Centella asiatica extract is used as a cosmetic ingredient.

84. Extract from Centella asiatica was used as a wound dressing.

85.Remove shallow crow’s feet with Asiatic water. With the introduction of Gotu Kola to rinse thoroughly Blend until fine. Then bring the water to use a cotton swab moistened with water and apply over the eyes or face. Leave it for about 15 minutes and wash it off. They should be applied every day before going to bed.

86. Centella asiatica extract is produced as soap. Which the manufacturer claims to help with acne Makes the skin white and clear. The surface is firm.

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