3 ways to prevent 3 diseases that come with rain

3 ways to prevent 3 diseases that come with rain Even during COVID-19 The more you have to be careful !! … During this time, the weather has started to change from summer to rainy season. Which the rain causes the air to have high humidity Therefore, it is conducive to the spread of pathogens even more. Whether it’s a virus or a bacteria Especially during this period when the COVID-19 epidemic request is spreading, the disease is spreading even more.

And besides diseases caused by viruses and bacteria that we have to be careful in the rainy season There are also other diseases that are dangerous to our health as well. One of them is dengue fever. Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne disease. Which mosquitoes will reproduce well in the presence of waterlogging Therefore, this rainy season is considered to be a time to be very careful anyway.

3 diseases should be careful during the rainy season

1. Dengue fever

2. Zika virus infection

3. Fever, joint pain, mosquito

3 ways to prevent disease

1.Keep your house clean

The first thing is that we have to clean our house. Do not let the mess. So as not to make the inside of the house have a dull corner and become a mosquito island

2. Garbage around the house.

Dirty and overgrown rubbish is a great addition to mosquitoes. Especially when we want to throw away food or drinking containers. We should also pour out food particles or water first. Or to tie it in a black bag before throwing it into a large trash can So as not to become a breeding ground for mosquitoes here.

3. Keep a container of water.

Another important thing is a container with stagnant water. We should pour out a container with water from the rain. Or if there is a container for water to consume We should also cover the lid completely. Including changing the water in the vase or the pot as well To prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs

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