14 benefits of womb Herbs for women Take care of women, women.

Since the past, if a woman with symptoms of irregular menstruation or abdominal pain problems, menstrual discharge, low uterine discharge, not in place, etc. must not be able to think of a herb called “Wan seizure uterus” (Curcuma comosa Roxb.) Because it has properties that treat these symptoms of women as well. It also helps tighten the vagina and tighten the flabby abdomen from giving birth to a firm baby. It helps to tighten the muscles to see the stagnation effect. It can be said that the properties and benefits of the womb. It is an herb to take care of the health of women especially.

Type of womb

– Wan draw the female uterus. The head of the aloe is round, oval, short branched, veined leaves, green leaves, short flower stalks, slightly pinkish white inner flesh

– Wan draws the uterus male The head of the aloe is the same round, but over the key. The branches are much longer. The center line is red, the flower stalk is long, fleshy in white, grayish-white.

In addition, the uterine seizures have a protective effect against vulvar cancer or inside the uterus. Causing vaginal tumors to atrophy or shrink As well as having special features that help women who are often angry. Angry and easily angry The sensitive mind disappeared and returned to become strong, energetic and energetic But not that the womb is useful for women only. Because the properties in the uterus can also help treat the symptoms of hemorrhoids, indigestion, cure hernia, has antioxidant activity. And anti-inflammatory

How to eat that.

In general, that the uterine seizures that are available for sale will have Wan draw the female womb and that the male womb. But that is commonly used in drug texts is Wan took the female uterus. However, from current medical research, it was found that That the uterus has an effect similar to female hormones. Therefore has properties in helping to treat various symptoms That was born with women as well.

For side effects from eating that uterine spasms may be slightly. But without any danger However, the way to eat fresh womb womb must be peeled and washed thoroughly, then bring it to boil for drinking water. Or at present, the womb has been transformed into a finished product that can be eaten easily and conveniently. Which provides benefits and properties as well

Properties of the uterus that convulsions Useful in the treatment of disease

1. That uterine seizures have properties that help treat various symptoms of women, whether it is a cure for abnormal menstruation symptoms. Relieve severe menstrual cramps for the better. Including helping to cure the symptoms of vaginal discharge

2. Benefits of the uterus that helps treat symptoms of a collapse of the uterus. Causing the uterus to enter the garage faster And tighten the vagina inside of women Tighten the sagging abdomen after childbirth And also tightens the muscles as well

3. That the uterus has the effect of helping to treat cysts and fibroids within the vagina. Prevent the occurrence of cancer in the vagina or in the uterus. And also help deodorize inside the vagina to disappear It can help increase the lubrication in the vagina of women.

4. That the womb is beneficial to the mood of women that often fluctuate, such as easily irritated, easily angry, depressed, and sensitive to disappear. Brighten Mentally strengthened

5. Properties of the uterus that convulsions sexually emotional. By that the uterine seizure can help women who have lost sexual emotions to return to the same. Complete sexual arousal

6. That the uterus has properties of taking care of the breast. By that the uterus to help strengthen or enlarge the breasts of women Helps to keep firm and not wrinkled

7. That the womb has properties to take care of beautiful skin. By that the uterus helps to brighten the skin, clear blood and fade wrinkles, dark spots, blemishes, scars to heal

8.Benefits of that womb and menopause By that the uterine seizures have the effect of helping resolve various disorders That can happen to women in their postmenopausal age, such as hot flashes Lack of sleep, frequent headaches, depression, easily forgetfulness, macular degeneration, etc.

9. That the uterus has a lot of antioxidants. Thus helping to prevent free radicals from entering the body causing internal cells to deteriorate And has various anti-inflammatory effects

10. Benefits of the womb and the blood system. That the womb will help nourish the heart and repair the vascular system. Helps the blood to clot faster. And also has the effect of sterilization of leukemia cells.

11. That the uterus has properties to help take care of the liver and kidneys. And play a role in bringing fat from various tissues into the liver as well as helping to make the detoxification system work better. Reduce the production of chemicals that will cause toxic to the body.

12. Properties of aloe vera nourish the bones. By that the uterus can reduce the loss of calcium as well. Thus helping to prevent osteoporosis

13. That the uterus has properties of drugs that are used to neutralize the toxin because indigestion Helps eliminate bad breath and body odor.

14. That the uterus is used to relieve symptoms of hemorrhoids. And can cure hernia

Side Effects – Dangers of womb

1. If a woman who has passed through men and then eats that womb Menstruation may come back again.

2. In the first phase of eating There may be a large amount of vaginal discharge.

3. Those whose body is not healthy If eating, may have headache, fever, dizziness or cough. Should stop taking the drug or reduce the dosage of the drug down.

4. There may be an itchy rash on the skin and body.

5. If chest pain, abdominal pain or uterine pain should stop eating or reduce the amount as well.

6. People with reproductive problems such as ovarian cyst, reproductive malignant tumors. Should not be eaten

7. Normal people should not eat in large quantities for a long time. Because it will make the kidneys work harder

8. That the two types of uterine seizures are similar. However, the product that has a tonic effect is that of the female womb. Buying the womb and eating it by yourself may be the wrong type of the male uterus. Which does not have any effect on treatment but instead is toxic to liver, kidney and spleen

How to eat that the womb to be the ancient texts

1. For the uterus to enter the garage and relieve uterine pain Bring that fresh womb to peel and wash thoroughly. Boiled with clean water Bring water to drink half a glass at a time, 3 times a day for uterine pain. Drink when you have pain

2. Hemorrhoidal intestinal disease. Bring that aloe to dry and grind it into a powder and brew with hot water.

3. Leucorrhea, take 1-2 handfuls of branches and buffalo leaves, 5-7 glasses of fresh water, put enough water over the boil, boil until boiling, eat half a glass 3 times before meals

Herbs like “Wan womb” are considered enormously beneficial for women. Because a woman’s body is more complex and delicate than that of a man’s. Especially organs related to the reproductive system Which often has problems because of various disorders easily and that uterine seizures have medicinal properties that help women relieve or heal from the illness effectively.

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