Big belly like the one, be careful, it could be a sign of these 7 diseases.

Not pregnant, but growing up is no different from that of a pregnant mother. May not be obesity as we suspect it is Because this is an unusual sign that can tell many diseases

The belly grows like a pregnant person, despite the fact that the body is thin, but secretly having this belly like this is the risk of any disease? Especially people with an enlarged stomach, swollen legs, or a stiff stomach, along with other abnormalities, try to check out what diseases your stomach can have

1. Fat belly

The first reason that comes to mind is Being overweight From improper eating behavior Until making the body plump up to all proportions, whether arms, legs, feet, all look plump, especially the waist That began to have a protruding belly Although having an enlarged pregnancy from this cause is not serious. But letting the belly fat can be the cause of various chronic diseases such as diabetes and abdominal fat. Cardiovascular disease Alzheimer’s disease and others

2. Ovarian tumors

We have often seen the news that women have a bloated belly and think they are just fat. But often have lower abdominal pain Irregular menstruation The palpation found a lump on the abdomen, bloating, nausea, including obesity in the belly but the limbs, face and other parts are not enlarged in this way. Ovarian tumors may be suspected. And if the mass is large, it can cause a bloated stomach. Which must be treated with surgery to remove the tumor

3. Ovarian cancer

Getting obese only on the belly Having ovarian tumors is not a joke, as the tumor may be malignant. That can become ovarian cancer And if not urgently treated Cancer cells can also spread to other organs.

4. dropsy from cirrhosis

Cirrhosis can lead to complications such as dropsy. That caused the stomach to grow due to the congestion in the abdomen This is due to the fact that the liver produces less albumin in the bloodstream. Until the amount of albumin in the blood decreases Together with higher hepatic venous pressure As a result, water and mineral salts leak from blood vessels into the abdomen and tissues of the patient. The condition of dropsy will cause the patient to have swollen legs, pressing down on both sides as well.

5. Hydrocephalus

In addition to cirrhosis Intrauterine fluid retention or dropsy can also be found from other diseases such as edema, intrauterine infection. Perforation of the digestive tract or urinary tract Abdominal tumors, lung disease caused by pulmonary fluid congestion in the abdomen Or hydration in the heart tissue Spread to the abdomen Can cause an abnormally bloated stomach

6. nephritis

Patients with nephritis will have swelling. Due to increased water and mineral salts in the body In the first stage, there will be swelling of the eyelids and facial swelling, later there will be swelling of both legs and feet. When pressed on the swollen area, there will be dimples. Together with lumbar pain, back pain, fatigue, loss of appetite, etc.

In addition, if sick with nephrotic nephritis Or a protein leak Which is an abnormality of the kidneys that can still filter waste But there is too much protein leak in the urine. Will cause swelling of the abdomen, arms, legs, feet, foaming urine And when examining the urine, it will find the abnormal albumin protein too.

7.The spleen grows

An enlarged spleen is a malfunction of the spleen. With traditional Chinese medicine explained that When the spleen becomes imbalanced The transport of food and energy to the cells is also abnormal. As a result, the body does not receive the nutrients that are ingested fully. With water retention And may show signs of being easily tired Weak arms – legs, disproportionate indigestion, indigestion, indigestion and bloating like a pregnant woman.

However, if found to have an abnormally large stomach Together with swelling of other organs as well, should hurry to have a physical examination to look for abnormalities that may occur with us urgently.

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