10 properties of Snow Lotus, a valuable medicinal plant of health

In the past, we might hardly know the name of “Snow Lotus”, but now it is a medicinal plant that we are beginning to hear and know more about each other. After knowing the properties and benefits contained in the Snow Lotus, each of which is almost all interesting. But how can it be true and false? Let’s get to know the Snow Lotus at the same time.

Snow lotus with properties to help keep health away from disease well, there are both snow lotus and snow lotus root, the snow lotus has the appearance of white or light green flowers. It often grows in high places and is covered with snow. In Chinese medicine texts indicate that this type of snow lotus has a cooling effect. And has properties that help in curing arthritis, reducing fever, as well as maintaining a healthy heart.

As for the snow lotus root, it is located underground, it looks like a sweet potato tuber, the taste is sweet and juicy, it can be eaten fresh. Which has high nutritional value including protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, many minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, selenium contains more than 20 essential amino acids and is also a low-calorie plant that helps make Weight not gaining or able to control weight And even though Snow Lotus has a sweet taste, it does not increase blood sugar levels. Therefore suitable for people with diabetes

The snow lotus can also help cure a wide variety of ailments, so it is not surprising that Bua Snow is a popular herbal medicine for health conscious people. Or in people who have problems with ailments on the rise

10 properties of the snow lotus Useful in the treatment of disease

1. Snow lotus root helps lower blood sugar levels. Since the sugar in Snow Lotus is sweetened from Inulin or oligofructose. (Oligofructose), which will not increase blood sugar. People who want to lose weight or suffer from diabetes, so they can eat without worry.

2. Snow lotus root helps reduce fat and cholesterol levels. Because the snow lotus contains fructose oligosaccharides. (Fructooligosaccharide), which has the ability to reduce the level of fat and cholesterol. Thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease as well

3. Snow lotus has properties that help nourish the heart and blood vessels. Until reputed to be herbs that are good for the heart The potassium in the snow lotus will help dilate blood vessels. Resulting in increased oxygen Improved blood flow And also helps regulate the fluid balance in the blood In addition to reducing the chance of heart disease, it also helps to reduce high blood pressure.

4. The properties of snow lotus root are rich in antioxidants. That help reduce inflammation This will prevent toxins and carcinogens. Helps inhibit the occurrence of many cancers such as skin cancer. Colon cancer Bone marrow cancer Lymphoma Leukemia, etc.

5. Snow lotus root has properties to help the digestive system work normally. Because the snow lotus is rich in dietary fiber And most importantly, there are bacteria called probiotics (Probiotics), thus promoting the body to absorb nutrients better. Makes food easy to digest Constipation and diarrhea are also reduced.

6. Snow lotus root can help prevent fatty liver disease. From a trial in a group of people who ate snow lotus daily for 3 consecutive months, it was shown that the levels of cholesterol and fat that had accumulated in the liver decreased. It also helps the liver to more easily excrete toxins from the body.

7. The leaves of the snow lotus root have anti-oxidant properties. Which is the source of the degeneration of various cells within the body, most of which are manifested in the form of premature aging. Wilted skin And wrinkles on the face It also can help prevent acne as well. It is another very interesting beauty herb.

8. The snow lotus has a cold effect, so it is used as a medicine to help with fever. Detoxify the body Helps to balance the body and relieve menstrual pain in women.

9. Snow lotus root helps the urinary system work better. And prevent the formation of gallstones

10. Snow lotus helps relieve arthritis and various inflammation. Formed in the body It is another benefit of the Snow Lotus that many people may not know.

Clearly see that Snow Lotus has medicinal properties which are closely related to health. But not all snow lotus can be eaten as it may cause allergic reactions for people who are allergic to herbivorous plants like potatoes. Therefore, people who are prone to allergic reactions should consult a doctor before eating. So that everyone can be healthy Without disease with the snow lotus is safe enough.

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