Rungchuea, the ultimate antidote herb

Another herb that is classified as a detoxifying plant to cure flu and also has anti-disease properties. Which is now very popular The herb that is being discussed is “Raghdea” (Thunbergia laurifolia), which is most popularly used to make tea leaves for health. But did you know that Rangchea has many properties? Not only helps detoxify Let’s get to know the properties and benefits of Rambut.

-The trunk is a hard vine. Quite sticky Glides along the various grips without roots or gripping hands. The vines are round and segmented, the vines are green, the base of the vine is greenish brown. The young vine is covered.

-The leaves are cotyledons. Into a single leaf according to the vine They are heart-shaped, rounded at the base, which may be either concave or not. The tip of the leaf is tapered, the edge is smooth, the leaf surface is dark, the abdomen is lighter and the hair is hairy. There are 3 long strands from the base to the end of the leaf.

-A bouquet of flowers hanging in the axillary leaves The petals are bluish purple, separated into 5 petals, the base of the petals are attached to a tube. The petals bloom out like a horn with four stamens.

-The result is a round tube like a pod. But the tip of the pod is pointed and slightly curved into a beak. Fruiting after the flower has fallen Light green The result is blackish brown. And when old, the pods will break apart

15 Properties of Rungchuea Useful in the treatment of disease

1. The properties of Raghdea help reduce pressure and blood sugar levels.

2. The benefits of Rungchuea help detoxify from insecticides in the body.

3. Ragchea has the effect of anti-cancer.

4. Raghuea leaves have antioxidant activity.

5. The leaves and roots of Raghadea help cure inflammation. Help heal chronic wounds.

6. The leaves and roots of Rachuea help kill bacteria.

7. Rambut has properties to help neutralize poisoning from alcohol. Cure hangover

8. The leaves, roots and vine of Rangchuea help solve the heat in the fever, thirst

9. Raghdea leaves help heal fresh wounds. Burns, scalds

10. Rambut leaves to treat allergic rashes. Pollen poisoning Relieve itching from the rash

11. Rachue has the effect of neutralizing chemicals. Which is considered to be the outstanding properties of Rangchuea

12. Raghdem has properties to help cure the poison from insect bites.

13. The properties of Rungchuea help detoxification from lead.

14. The benefits of Raghdea help balance the body.

15.Rangchea leaves relieve dizziness, vomiting, headache.

Has the property of drug cleaning?

1. Help treat drug addiction. It has been used to treat cocaine addicts. And amphetamine or methamphetamine Which will stimulate the nervous system similar to these two kinds of addictive substances But the power is much weaker When receiving extracts from Rambut. People who received symptoms of therapy were less satisfied and suffer from quitting addiction.

2. Cure a hangover that can help reduce the hangover caused by drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. And also helps protect against the destruction of liver cells from alcohol

How to eat

1. Wash the root leaves and fresh vine thoroughly and squeeze it with water or boil it with clean water. Bring the water you get to drink.

2. Can be used to make tea by taking the root, leaves and / or leaves alone. To slice and dry. Bring to brew when you want to drink. Can be stored for a long time

3. Packed capsules. Each type of eating has similar properties. But the convenience varies.

4. Rambut flowers can be extracted with the same color as Butterfly Pea, but with a lighter color. Used to mix water, cook rice, make various desserts.

5. The use of Rachuea to treat or neutralize the roots should be Because the root has properties to neutralize 4-7 times more than leaves for the best results. Should be used as soon as possible after exposure to the toxin. And sent to the hospital for treatment according to modern medical methods

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