11 Properties of Esldpagpon Being bitten by an insect is not afraid.

From the ancient belief that the Esldpagpon plant was planted as a fence, the house will help prevent snakes. Some say it’s true But some people say that it is not true. For this it may be considered an individual belief. But what is true of Esldpagpon is It is a Thai herb with medicinal properties which can help treat a variety of ailments very well.

Esldpagpon (barleria lupulina) a distinctive feature from afar is Help to neutralize insect bites. Which is available in both female Esldpagpon and male Esldpagpon In terms of medicinal properties, the female Esldpagpon has more than the male Esldpagpon, so in various drug texts Therefore it is very popular to use female But if there is no female Esldpagpon can use male Esldpagpon instead.

11 Properties Esldpagpon Useful in the treatment of disease

1. Properties of Esldpagpon to detoxify Both the female and male Esldpagpon properties help in detoxification from insect bites, stings can be effective, such as ants, mosquitoes, centipedes, scorpions, snakes, etc. by using 5-10 fresh leaves to pound enough to crush and apply the wound. If it is an insect or non-toxic animal, it will help relieve itching. Redness to reduce But if it is an animal that is poisonous like a snake will help to extend the time before reaching the hospital.

2. Female Esldpagpon has the effect of cure inflammation, heat exhaustion, heat treatment of wounds. Burns, scalds And skin lesions such as herpes, chickenpox, shingles or jellyfish wounds A wound that was bitten by a dog Ulcers caused by acid As well as can be used as anti-inflammatory drug for jaundice

3. Benefits of Esldpagpon to relieve pain. Both the female and male sputum are used as herbal medicine to relieve pain and swelling. Relieve bruises from the impact, relieve pain and sprains on the body.

4. Root of female Esldpagpon helps in urination. Help drive menstruation The whole part will help solve the symptoms of irregular menstruation

5. The male leaves of Esldpagpon are tasteless. Therefore has the effect of helping to cure diabetes Helps relieve toothache, swollen gums and also cure hemorrhoids.

6. Properties Esldpagpon relieve headaches, reduce fever, both female and male Esldpagpon has properties to help reduce fever. Relieve headache And improve blood flow

7. The benefits of the female and male Esldpagpon can solve the abscess. And various pox

8. The leaves of male and female Esldpagpon have properties to help cure mumps, it will gradually improve the swelling and pain area.

9. The leaves of female Esldpagpon have properties to help cure acne and rash, itching, relieve measles and cure symptoms, unable to eat as well.

10. The root of male Esldpagpon has properties that can not be used as a cure for eating symptoms. It also helps to relieve the symptoms of eating food slang, fever and aggravation of the disease And help relieve symptoms of jaundice and yellow eyes

11. Both of the female Esldpagpon help treat symptoms of dysentery.

Knowing the properties and benefits of both 2 types of Esldpagpon … for the Esldpagpon, whether it is a female or a male, can all be planted for home decoration, so if it is close to us, it is as if there Home medicine cabinet If there is any illness, headache, heat, or even an insect bite, don’t worry. Because Esldpagpon will help immediately

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