7 benefits of Jing Zhuhai Fight cancer Help balance the body

Jing Zhu Chai is a cool plant. It has a slightly bitter taste and gives a pleasant aroma. Chinese people are popular to cook and eat in the winter because they believe it will help balance the body. Nowadays, people prefer to use Jing Zhu Chai to cook various kinds of food, such as stir-fried, boiled, and curry, eat fresh vegetables along with Laab. Or take Jing Zhu Chai to dry and drink it as herbal tea. But to eat nutritionally Should be eaten fresh Because it contains limonene, silnine and a glycoside called Apiin Has the property to help balance blood pressure in the body. In addition, properties in Jing Zhu chai also contain essential oils in the leaves and stems. It helps expel the gas in the stomach well. The low sodium content in fresh stems and seeds can therefore be eaten by people with kidney disease.

7 properties of Jing Zhuhai There are many more benefits than we thought.

1. The properties of Jing Zhu Cha can fight cancer. From the research results it was found that Jing Zhuhai can be used in the treatment of cancer. By taking a handful of Jingzhi leaves to spin or pound and squeeze the juice out for morning and evening Before eating food for about 1 hour 1-2 times a day to eat continuously for 2-3 months will be able to resist cancer cells. Because the substances contained in the Jingchai will help the body and cure cancer better.

2. Jing Zhuhai is high in minerals and vitamins. The vitamin C is 58 times more than lemons, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B6, iron, calcium, phosphorus, protein, fat, carbohydrate and dietary fiber.

3. Jing Zhu Chai is an herb that nourishes the blood and breath well. Especially nourishing the blood of women Solve the symptoms of irregular menstruation Help the blood flow So the blood of the wind came normally.

4. Jing Zhuhai’s essential oil helps to balance blood pressure. Therefore suitable for people who have problems with pressure And helps to expel the wind in the stomach and intestines as well

5. Jing Zhu Chai has properties as a cold medicine. If you eat in winter, it will help nourish the lungs, help purify the blood, make the blood circulate easier And help balance the body

6.Benefits of Jing Zhu Chai Helps to quench toxins, cure inflammation, cure skin blisters, heal rashes as well.

7. Jing Zhu Chai is useful in treating malaria. Which this pathogen is similar With cancer cells

Although properties and benefits of Jing Zhao are good for the body. But one caution is that Pregnant women are strictly prohibited from eating Jing Zhu chai. Because it may cause miscarriages

Have you seen that “Jing Zhu Chai” is a medicinal plant with many medicinal properties. Can take care of our health If you know how to choose to eat and use correctly, it will have you for our health. Knowing this, I will find Jing Zhu and plant it at home. Or buy from the market to cook Whichever way is convenient As long as opening your heart for Jing Zhuhai in your meal, it will take you one step closer to taking care of your health.

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