10 trees purify the air Help absorb dangerous toxins


One of the hottest electrical appliances and household items of recent times. Must be given to Air purifier Because before this, Thailand has faced a serious problem of toxic dust. Which, although now it is lighter But it’s not entirely gone, because actually in our homes there are hidden dangerous toxins in the form of dangerous volatile substances that we can’t see. So today we bring a list of trees to purify the air from Department of Environmental Quality Promotion to recommend it for people who want to grow in a home, planted, landscaped with care methods.

1. Deli

Deli (Peace lily), one of the most popular air purifying plants. It is an herbaceous plant, several years old, about 40-70 cm tall, with its head underground. The trunk rises above the soil The clump is a small bush with clear rubber. Leaves are single leaves, base, tapered leaves, pointed leaves, smooth leaves, wavy edges. Glossy green, cylindrical flowers form a bouquet from the tip of a white, beautiful scent, attracting insects. It is seen all year round. It is popular to propagate by separating the shoots, rhizomes or young plants and bring it to the cuttings, prefers loamy soil with high humidity, does not like full sun, likes sunlight Like water moderately To water about 2-3 times a week.

2. Three color needles

Rainbow tree (Rainbow tree) is a small shrub, about 2 meters high, the stems are erect, the leaves are single, basal, tapered leaves, pointed leaves, smooth edges, 3 longitudinal colors: red, cream and green flowers. Has a greenish white color Into separate branches Smells good at night. Popular propagated by cuttings and grafting. It grows quickly to medium, not difficult to care for, likes loam or sandy soil. Need full sun day Need moderate humidity

3. Dragon Tongue

Snake plant or Mother-in-law’s tongue is a herbaceous plant that is many years old. It flows underground in a short segment. The leaves are lanceolate, hard, thick, erect, may be slightly twisted. The tip of the leaf is slender. pattern Dark grayish green With a light green stripe Popular to propagate by cuttings and clumps, strong, durable, easy to raise, drought tolerant, prefers full sun to medium Need less water

4. Fast Food

Western ivy (English Ivy) is a vine ivy. The leaves are lobes, like gourd leaves, about 3-5 lobes, with many different colors, adaptable, not difficult to care, popular to propagate by cuttings or grafts. Prefers loamy soils or sandy soils, prefers cool weather, likes intense sunlight, but can be in low light. High humidity requirement If the weather is dry Should spray more water. Moderate water requirement But to water more during the dry season And should find a wood or a wall to allow the fry to creep as well

5. Thy

Yang (Lady Palm or Bamboo palm) A tree in the palm family, about 2-4 meters tall, hard, straight, sticky, lobed, fan-like leaves, palm-shaped, semi-circular, blunt end, rough leaf, smooth petiole, dark green, glossy. A bouquet of flowers at the end of the shoot Can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Slow growing but easy to raise. Strong, durable, drought-resistant, disease-resistant and insect-resistant. Likes loamy soil Like a semi-sunny weather Prefer moderate humidity and water. Should add compost or water-soluble manure once a month. And change new pots every year

6. Anthurium

Anthurium (Anthurium, Flamingo Flower or Pigg-tail flower) is a soft ivy about 80-100 cm tall. Most of them are heart-shaped, pointed leaves with a velvet-like surface. Under the leaves there are convex lines. The flower leaves above the petiole. Can be issued all year round It is popular to propagate by cuttings, split shoots, cuttings, and cultivate seeds, easy to care for, not difficult, as an ornamental plant, grown indoors that requires high humidity. Water twice a day, or if the weather is very hot or drought, it can be increased twice a day.

7. Spotted Betel

Spotted betel (Devil’s ivy, Golden pothos or Hunter’s robe) is a creeper. The trunk is rounded and articulated to break up leaves and roots. The leaves are single, heart-shaped, large, peduncle, rounded, pointed, smooth, thick and succulent. Available in both single and multiple colors. The flowers are multicolored such as yellow, green, purple, red, fall quite easily. It can be propagated by seeds and cuttings. But the cuttings are most popular because they are fast, less dead and easy to do. The care should have a wood or a vine tip to base on the plant or other objects. Water frequently at least 3 days / time, not set in the sun. Arrange And add some manure or compost from time to time

8.Bamboo palm

Bamboo Palm (Bamboo Palm or Reed Palm) is a beautiful type of palm plant. The trunk is clumping and canopy up to 3 meters high. Leaves are composed of tapered plumes, dark green, axillary flowers. Popular to propagate by sprouting and seeding, prefers loamy soil, likes moderate to hot sun. Need medium to large water

9. Kaew Kanchana

Kaew Kanjana (Aglaonema or Chinese Evergreen) is a tree species developed from ten thousand years of green. The trunk is green, canopy, thick leaves split along the trunk. Leaves are easy to fall, the base of the leaf is slender, the center is wide, the tip of the leaf is slender, colorful, striking, beautiful, both bright green, dark green and red. most Because they grow faster and stronger Prefers sandy loam with organic matter Like deep soil I like the sun. Likes high humidity Should be watered once a day every day, but be careful not to be very moist.

10. Rich House

Millionaire Ruen Nai (Spider plant or Airplane Plant) is both a tree that purifies the air and a sacred tree. That looks like an ornamental plant, 25-30 cm high ground cover with short rhizome underground. On the soil to form a bush Branches out long branches with small sprouts. The leaves are single-edged leaves, parallel to the base of the leaves, spread into a pointed sheath, the edge of the leaf smooth, when fully grown, will bend downward, the small white flowers into a bouquet of bloom throughout the year. Prefers loamy soil that mixes organic matter and drains well. I like the sun. Prefers low to medium humidity Need less water To water 1 time per week

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