How to grow Phthalai Jon, Thai herbs, good properties to watch

Phthalai Jon has become another remarkable Thai herb. After the COVID-19 epidemic, the effects of the prevention and treatment of COVID 19 by paniculata are not yet clear. This is because it is an emerging disease and more research has to be done on humans. But it is considered to be an herb that has properties in treating a wide variety of other ailments. Both help treat the flu, antiviral, relieve inflammation. Cure infection Help relieve diarrhea, food poisoning and diabetes, etc.

Now for those who want to know how to grow paniculata. To plant and sell panai thief The jar dot com collects how to grow paniculata in a pot. And how to plant and paniculata converted Available for sale to generate income for each other.

Paniculata characteristics

Andrographis paniculata (Burm.f.) Wall.ex Nees in Thailand has a specific name for different regions such as grass, snake, cloud, thunderstorm, thirties thirties. Dawn or weasel saliva Characteristic as an annual plant The height is about 30-70 centimeters with a bitter taste in all parts. The leaves are square. The leaves are dark green, the skin is oily. Flowering is a bouquet at the end of the branch and axillary, white flower petals, the base of the petals adjacent to the end of two separate mouths, the upper lip has 3 petals and a purple-red line across the pods, when older is brown. Inside there are many seeds. It can be utilized when the tree is about 3-5 months old. Both fresh and dry plants can be used.

There are 3 species of Phthalai-bandan that are grown from Kamphaeng Saen District, Nakhon Pathom Province, which has the highest average live weight per plant. In addition to this, there are also species from Rayong. And species from Sisaket

Weather and soil


Paniculata It grows well in hot and humid climates. Temperature about 25-30 degrees Celsius should be planted in an area where there is no sunshine. No strong wind If you need to plant outdoors, should make a windshield and sun block. During the sun it is best to give extra water. Because it is a plant that likes water You must provide enough water throughout the season. To maintain constant productivity and content of vital substances

Soil condition:

Soil that is suitable for growing paniculata Should be loamy That can drain well, not flooding, avoid clay or sandy soils, pH or pH is approximately 5-5.8 and contain at least 3.5% organic matter

How to grow paniculata in a pot

The paniculata in pots can be grown in two ways: by seed and from seedling. With the following steps

1. Take the seeds from the old brown-brown pods, sprinkle them in the soil and cover them with a thin layer of soil if using seedlings. And paniculata seedlings that are over 30 days old should be planted into the soil.
2. Place the pot in a place where the sunlight is not. Water them sufficiently and regularly. If planted in full sun should be watered more.

The leaves will be collected when the tree is about 3-6 months old, which is the period with the most important substances. Can be dried and stored for 1 year, the method is to cut the young shoots 1 palm and leave the stump for about 1-3 months to start flowering again. And when the flowers begin to bloom, the leaves can be collected for use again. 1 paniculata can be used to make medicine 2-4 times.

How to grow paniculata into the plot

Phthalineal Planting for Sale By planting panai-bandai into a large plot, takes about 150 days, divided into steps as follows

Soil preparation and seeding

Soil: If there is a lot of weeds, you should first till the soil twice and dry the soil for 2 weeks, then add a soil fertilizer before planting and maintain the soil. If the planting area does not have a lot of weeds, fertilizers can be applied at all.

Seed: Select seeds from mature pods that are brown to red. A good seed should be completely seed free of disease or puncture. Then put it in water at room temperature. Leave it for 6-12 hours.

Plot: Lift the planting plot, 15-20 cm high, 1 meter wide, 3-5 meters long (or adjust the size according to the area conditions), nourished with organic fertilizers, biochar and watering for at least 30-45 days before planting.

How to grow for sale

It can be grown by seed or by seedling, there are 4 methods:

1. Take the seeds mixed with coarse sand at the rate of 1: 1-2 parts and sow in the planting plot.
2. Sprinkle the seeds in horizontal rows. Each row is approximately 50 centimeters apart and covered with a thin layer of soil.
3. Plant the seedlings in the nursery tray. And move the saplings to plant in the plot When the seedlings are about 30 days old
4. Plant the seedlings in the field. Preparation of the seedling plot is done in the same way as the planting. By priming with organic fertilizers approximately 0.5-1 kg per 1 square meter area.


They should provide water regularly and sufficiently. From planting to harvest During sunny or hot summer, water should be done twice a day, morning and evening. If the sun is not very sunny You can water it once a day only in the evening. At the beginning of about 2 months, water can be reduced. Depending on the suitability

Fertilizing and removing weeds

During soil preparation, transplanting seedlings, add a little organic fertilizer after 15 days, apply organic fertilizer for the second round, and spread throughout the plot. In addition, weed should be regularly removed every half a month and be careful with diseases such as root rot and fungal root rot. If found, withdraw and destroy immediately.


Should be harvested during the beginning of flowering – blossoming Because it is the period with the most important substances If stored after this period, vital substances will be reduced. By cutting above the soil, 5-10 cm from the base, then weeds are separated. Wash with clean water Cut into pieces for 2-3 centimeters and then dry or dry with a hot air dryer. Average fresh produce 2,000-3,000 kg per rai There was a ratio of fresh produce to dry yield at a rate of 4: 1 kg while the price after processing was about 200 baht per kg.

Paniculata It is an herb that should be planted quite a bit. It is also easy to take care of. Properties are a lot. Can be planted both from seed and seedlings. Anyone who wants to try planting before selling it can use the above method to plant into pots or grow in their own garden first.

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