10 trees that should be planted away from the house

Some trees are sacred trees, but this does not necessarily mean that they are planted near the house if they are not properly cared for. Let’s check each other a little bit better to see what types of trees should not be planted near the house. Perennials are not only fruitful. But also sprawling branches to give shade to the home area But before planting, you need to study a little bit of information. Because if planted too close to home The roots of the tree will penetrate and damage the structure of the house.

1. The tree ear crunch

The reason why should be planted farther away from the house. That is because the earwort has strong roots and spreads outward. If planted too close to the house, it will cause the floor to crack and destroy the frame.
But if you insist on being firm to be planted, then you need to take good care of it. Measure the distance from the house about 8-10 meters or chop the roots to make a cement pond Always prune the branches to be beautiful for shade. Even though it wasn’t planted near the house, it still provides some shade within the garden and is still wood. Auspicious that conveys the well-being of everyone in the family

2. Bamboo

Thinking of planting bamboo is not as easy as it seems in Chinese movies. Although it is an auspicious and has a unique appearance Because if planted near the house or in a small garden, it will lead to ecological problems. Because bamboo is a plant that attracts other weeds to thrive and vie for food. And if any day the owner of the hometown is bored of bamboo, it is not easy. The same as the beginning of planting as well Because they only need to use chemicals to pull out the bamboo Which let me tell you that it is not worth it at all It is also dangerous for the family if the chemical evaporates into the house. Conclude that if you really want to plant, it is recommended to study the distance from the house as well. Always trim the ends of the bamboo branches regularly. Or before planting, try to compare the pros and cons, see a bit that our house really fits the bamboo or not.

3. Ton Phayasatban

Phayasatban, or as many people know as the foot of the foot, is a species of plant in the family Mok. Most often they are grown as ornamental plants. Because it has beautiful flowers The ancients believed that if the Phasataban tree was planted, it would be good and praised by people. But with the scent of flowers that spread Many people like it and feel that it is a sensuous scent. But many people agree that the smell of flowers is very pungent Some people even get dizzy and have allergic reactions. Making this plant unsuitable to grow near the house It also has a large root system that can penetrate up to 20-30 meters, which can damage the foundation of the house. Or yank until the fence collapses

4. Mango tree

The mango tree is a fruit that has long been associated with Thai people. Some climbed up to collect fruit. Some tiptoe cut the young mango leaves to dip chili paste. So many people do not suspect that the mango tree is dangerous. But do not know if letting the trees grow relentlessly Both the root problem destroying the house structure Falling leaves scattered about, mango sap and red ant nest will adversely affect our home in the long run. Therefore, we should plant the mango away from the house about 2 meters and away from the fence about 1 meter, or choose to plant the mango that has been branched in. The tree will be small and easy to maintain, and most importantly, it is recommended to plant it. South of the house, believed to help promote Let everyone in the house be happy and rich.

5. Tonklaw

Crab claw tree or that we are familiar with each other in the name of the Chamchuri tree itself. From the picture, it can be seen that the klaw tree is a large plant. Rooted Spreading branches for shade The trunk can be up to 25 meters high, is another economic tree that can be used for many purposes. But warn you not to plant it near your home Because besides the roots to destroy the structure of the house, the thick leaves of the crab claw trees also block sunlight from passing through and photosynthesis with other small trees.

6. Bodhi Tree

Probably no one does not know the sacred tree like the Bodhi tree. It can be said that it is the tree of faith for all Buddhists. If anyone is interested in wanting to plant them in the fence of the house for auspiciousness, then there is no problem, just have to recognize the physical disadvantage and study it first. Because the Bodhi is a tree that extends its roots far away and may damage buildings and houses, most importantly, we will notice that the Bodhi tree is often trapped in the axillaries and branches, causing the fungus to come. Formation and other problems follow

7. Banyan

Banyan tree is another auspicious tree that provides many benefits including shade. As well as helping to maintain the ecosystem intact But on the other hand, if we bring it to plant close to the house, the problem that follows would be the rooting of the house structure. Plus the risk of being cut down on buildings when the storm comes Since the roots do not penetrate deep into the soil, they are unable to hold onto the ground. And the point of great concern is that when the little bird eats the Sai fruit and goes Where did you take it? The banyan will stab the top and grow there, and it will vie for food from other plants.

8. Malabar

One of the perennials planted for shade would certainly be inevitable, “the Malabar”, but its disadvantage is likely not against the others already mentioned: The root destroys the frame and is a deciduous tree that needs to be cleaned all the time. If someone’s house has enough space in the garden that can be planted away from the house, it can be planted, but if there is less space, it is not recommended to plant better. The pollen of the almond tree is also very dangerous for allergy sufferers. Therefore, it should be analyzed and researched carefully before planting the Malabar tree.

9. Jackfruit

As the name sounds, I know that it is an auspicious tree that should be planted in the house. But if planted without knowing the proper distance from the house, the jackfruit tree means auspicious meaning May be able to ruin the house Where are all kinds of insects and also fungal diseases that come with fruit and flowers? Just like this, if you want to plant for peace of mind, want to have someone to support you, It should be planted far enough away from the house. If so, it should be planted to match the southwest. Which requires the head of the family to be the man who planted himself on Monday or Thursday as well, because it is said that the jackfruit plant that is planted in this direction will help bring the health, happiness, money and money flow, and also help enhance the prestige as well

10. Chompoo Pantip

Even though the advantage of growing a pink sapphire is that we can get a romantic atmosphere in the garden. There are pink blossoms falling on the ground like a cherry blossom festival in Japan. But there are still disadvantages that require us to think and analyze carefully before planting. Their branches are very fragile and they have to be swept up in piles of flowers that have fallen on the floor or the dirt will come to your home. It is best to plant it at a reasonable distance from the house. They should also be planted outside the fence, away from the soil that is very moist. Too until the pink tree species does not bloom as well

Here, if anyone is secretly teased with phrases about plants that need to be planted away from the house. We will immediately know what they mean. So if anyone is thinking of planting these trees then Need to study and delve into the condition of your own home that is suitable to be planted or not. In order not to make funny tease from becoming a sad story of your house

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