10 easy-growing flowers to add color to your garden

Have you ever planted something and died? What does not grow. If this was the case, it might be discouraging to continue planting. In fact, planting trees is deeper than that. It’s not just picking that tree and planting it in the ground. Can come to put the pots at will Flowering plants are easy to grow.
Because each type of tree has different characteristics Whether it is a matter of soil used for planting Area used for planting Exposure to light and water Including other maintenance Which each tree has different needs Those who wish to plant trees should study and understand each tree carefully before planting. The trees will be able to grow fully. As for if anyone is a beginner Or want to try to plant trees, we have easy to plant trees to introduce each other. Flowering plants are easy to grow.

1. Zinnia

Thai flowers like brightly, this is what we would like to recommend. Because this is one of the flowers, easy to grow, easy to grow, and also colorful. Help to brighten Pleasing to the eyes of our small garden well, or can be planted in a pot, it looks cute. He is also a sun-resistant flower. Extremely hot Can be planted in the room to receive the dim light or can be planted on the balcony.

Care: Moderate water requirement. From light to sunny, it can tolerate heat well.

2. Marigolds

Marigold flowers that we see everywhere in the market It is one of the easy-to-grow flowering plants that many people overlook. Because of the fact that when the marigold is planted to decorate the house or grow into a pot They bloom beautifully and add freshness too. The flowers will bloom beautifully and bloom for a long time during the summer. Anyone who wants to add vitality to the summer must arrange to plant immediately.

Care: Moderate water requirement. The sunlight is fierce until the sun is hot, can withstand the rain well

3. Cat face

The name flower is cute and the face is also cute because you look at it, it is like the face of a really small cat. It is one of the indoor flowering plants, easy to grow because he likes the soft sunlight. And comfortable air At room temperature As for anyone who likes to turn on the air conditioner, they do not have to be afraid, they will die because they tolerate the cold well.

Care: low water requirement, airy soil, mild sunlight to indoor.

4. Tongue

If anyone wants a flower plant that is very resistant to heat, rain or cold, it will stand one. This is the answer to most questions because he is quite tolerant. No matter what kind of weather it is, it will survive. Can be fed both outdoor and indoor. Plant a beautiful work desk decoration. It makes sense as well.

Care: Requires little water and prefers light, sandy loam soils than clay soils. Can live in all weather conditions

5. Cosmos

One of the flowers is very easy to grow. Because of the cute little flowers in various colors And more importantly, he still endures the sun, endures the rain, resists heat in the sun, Thailand still survives, this is really unusual Therefore, who is afraid to plant flowers and die? You must try to feed the cosmos. Guarantee that survivors are also very cute. As for his Thai name, it is the starburst flower.

Care: Moderate water requirement. The sunlight is fierce until the sun is hot, it can withstand the rain well.

6. Geranium

Geranium flowers are especially popular in pots, with bushy and small flowers. That looks cute jig jig Most importantly, it is a flower that is very durable, which is very contrary to the appearance. Anyone who wants to have durable flowers, easy to grow and bright colors, they have to have geraniums

Care: Moderate water requirement. Like the morning sun If the area you grow is exposed to the light too hard, you should also find a light masking aid.

7. Morning Glory (morning glory flower)

Naturally occurring morning glory flowers that we see along the banks of the general canal. When it is grown as a flower for home decoration, it can be lovely and can invigorate the heart. Most importantly, it is still very resistant, grows quickly, beautiful color, does not require much care, it grows well.

Care: need enough water to keep the soil moist, loves full sun, can be planted outdoors or on the balcony, you can not be afraid of the sun.

8. Month Show

Flower of the moon projection is a flower named because Plus the appearance is also beautiful, pleasing to many people And the most important thing is that it is easy to raise, like sunlight, can tolerate heat, tolerate the sun in Thailand well. Who likes to plant small flowers On the balcony you must not miss.

Care: needs moderate water, heat resistance, good sun tolerance, can be grown outdoors.

9. Lobelia

Lobelia is an easy to grow indoor flowering plant. It is popular to raise in hanging pots to adorn the balcony or terrace of the house because it has a beautiful canopy flower. Suitable for growing indoors rather than outdoors. Just find a place where the air is clear, the sunlight is not bright enough to give him some water.

Care: Moderate water requirement. Prefers shade rather than sunny

10. Candle

Finish off at a small flower. As pretty as a candle flower Which has many colors for us to choose to plant But most of them are white and red candles that are popular. Candles love warm weather. Therefore, even in the hot country like ours, it will survive. As for providing water, it is not difficult at all. Because he likes moist soil Alternating with dry soil Therefore do not need to water every day

Care: requires little water. Can be planted in the sun to shine or to grow with good light.

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