5 flowers in the garden that will make you look like your own personal flower field

Winter is a season, many flowers bloom. Especially winter flower fields in the north of Thailand Both the lotus fields. Chrysanthemum flower field Hydrangea flower field Margaret flower field Although it will bloom to caress only in winter But if the planting site has good weather And perfect soil conditions suitable for growing and flowering It will make a home garden where flowers bloom for viewing, no different from flower fields ever.
For anyone who wants to plant shrubs and ground cover to bloom like a flower field You can choose to plant ground cover, low shrubs with beautiful flowers to help create a beautiful, sweet look. Generally wood mulch The low shrub acts like a rug to cover the flaws of the soil and to keep the soil moist in the garden. Is the part that makes the plantation beautiful and neat in every corner The selection of mulch in the garden will be chosen to suit the style of the garden. But must be easy to care for, durable, suitable for growing areas And many years old to keep the garden beautiful for a long time But want the garden to have a sweet atmosphere Let’s try to plant these trees together.


1. Verbena

It is another flower plant that is planted as a beautiful flower field at Mon Cham, Chiang Mai Province, with small, cute flowers, clustered at the end of the branches, many years old, there are both creeping varieties about 30-50 centimeters high and 1 meter tall hedges. Loves full sun, cool weather, moderate water, Verbena has a Thai name for cold wind flower. Because it will bloom a lot in winter And can be planted as a shrub to decorate the English garden or can be planted as a flower field

2. Margaret

Small shrub, 0.50-1 meter tall, erect trunk, branching out to the side. It has purple and white flowers. Looks like a chrysanthemum, but is smaller. There are both single petals and double flowers. Into a bouquet at the end of the tip of the petals are rounded, the popular species to be planted in the garden are White Margaret Which has white outer petals The petals in a contrasting yellow look lovely, Margaret blooms all year round, but they bloom in winter. Like full sun, moderate water, can be grown as an economic crop, cut flowers, can be sent for sale. Several of the Margaret flower fields in the province are open as tourist attractions. Beautiful, not lost in foreign countries, ever

3. Daisy

The cuteness of daisies is similar to that of Margaret. And resembling chrysanthemum flowers If you want to have a field of chrysanthemum flowers in the garden around the house Can plant daisies instead of those flowers. But it is smaller and has a long peduncle. Flowering in a bouquet. The popular daisy to grow as a cover in the garden is Seaside Daisy. It is a ground cover ivy, stretching up to 30-80 centimeters, grows quickly, many years old, prefers full sun and cool weather Besides white, daisies also have yellow dahlberg daisies and purple daisies. That can create an atmosphere in the garden like a flower field in a foreign country

4. Hydrangea

Another winter flower plant adorned in the garden, giving the atmosphere of an English garden. Is a flowering plant many years old. Stems up to 2 meters high, flowers are tightly rounded. There are many varieties of colors, including purple, pink, blue, white, red, hydrangea. Well-drained soil, full sun and will bloom well in cooler months. Can be planted as a potted plant or planted into a plot

5. Praying

A purple flower plant that feels like a field of lavender flowers will not escape the sparkle. Although it is a short-lived flower, but it will bloom all year. The flower is a bouquet of flowers in the axillary leaves, making it feel similar to lavender. With both white flowers Pink and purple Can be grown in a sunny area. Waewichien has many varieties to choose from. The one that has become popular now is the Australian sparkle with erect inflorescences. The stems are tall and swaying, making the garden look softer.

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