Quick Check!! Signs that you have “depression” symptoms.

Many people may not be sure if they have the disease? Today, there are 9 lists to compare, which, if you find the following 5 or more symptoms, may be

a sign that you are suffering from “depression”.
Depression, when it is, is stressful, sad, and prone to suicidal thoughts. The causes are caused by a number of factors, including genetics, deprivation

from childhood parents, mental development as well as biological problems such as changes in certain brain chemical levels,

etc. 2. Symptoms of depression

(in children and adolescents can be irritable) 2. Interest or pleasure in almost all

activities is greatly reduced. Weight loss or large increase (weight changes more than 5

percent per month) or anorexia or excessive diet 4. Insomnia or falling

asleep too much 5. 6. Fatigue,

imperficity 7.

Thinking about dying,

thinking about dying 8. Feeling worthless self-blame 9.

Meditation is reduced,

mind drifted or hesitant * At least one symptom must be in verse 1 or 2*
They must be symptomatic for 2 weeks or more,

 and they must be symptomatic almost constantly, almost every day, not as they are, just days or two days away and then come back.
Illustration from integrativecancer.org

Depression Treatment If you suspect it is, seek medical attention.

So, when you try to check for symptoms of yourself or someone nearby, you can check the symptoms of yourself or someone nearby. If you find more than 5 or more verses, it is best to seek medical advice. Don’t let chronic or over-date, as this may make the minds of people with depression even worse.

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