Work at night Unexpectedly affects

The body. Whether you work a night shift or work at night from time to time, it still affects your sleep. Because it also has side effects on the body and nervous system. 10 effects When working

during the night 10 impact When working
at night Dr. Cedrina L. Calder, MD, pharmacist reveals that

… 1. Make your
sleep system abnormal. Working at night affects your sleep system, also known as shift-work sleep disoder, which is a person who works as a t-worker and has to take turns at work, which causes abnormal sleep rhythms. What experts recommend is to find time to rest and avoid light. If you want

to rest or it will make you sleepless 2. This causes digestive
problems. When you’re sleeping late… What follows is hunger, and when you’re hungry, you eat during that time. However, it is in the middle of the night that eating during the night

can result in more stomach, indiciment, and weight
gain. It causes
social isolation because your friends or family are all asleep. makes you feel alone, both in the social and real worlds. It also leads to depression

and makes you irritable easily. Affects
blood pressure Working during the night can affect blood pressure levels, resulting in higher blood pressure and also occur during

the night. The menstrual
cycle also affects. Some people may think that menstruation is not normal, but one of the reasons is to stay up late,

and if you are pregnant, sleeping late can be one of the symptoms that causes you to be premature. Metabolic disorders?
As you know, metabolic helps in the fat burning system, but staying up late can slow down your fat burning. So the disease that follows is obesity. 7. Eating healthy and healthy

foods can help make your body
better.7. This causes depression and
increased nervousness. It’s not just the effects on your body. Your body secretes homons at different times, so during the time your body needs rest, but you wake it up, making homons happy or making you relax during that time. 8. It can’t be ejaculation, which

results in you becoming pungent and irritable. Risk
of accidents Whether you’re driving or traveling during the night, it’s

easier for you to get into an accident during the day because of the fatigue that accumulates all day and lethargy. Causes heart
problems 1 The cause of cardiovascular disease is

that it works at night and not enough rest. Sleeping late
can result in 40% more heart plants.

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