What are the causes of itching in the anus, right?

Anal itching Found in all ages And when itching occurs, it can be both a nuisance and a loss of personality when we scratch. Especially those who itchy buttocks Itch around the anus often, you may want to heal the anal itch, the anal itching to heal quickly, so check to see what can be caused by itching. Do I need to take an dewormer? Or which method should be treated with

Causes of fistula itching There are many factors. Both matters of eating Cleanliness Until the existing diseases are

1. Lack of good hygiene, such as unclean butt washing after defecation. Wipe the bottom not dry before wearing underwear.

2. Wearing tight-fitting pants Risk of dampness.

3. Obesity, being overweight that can cause anus moist all the time.

4. Using toilet paper to wipe the anus too hard that it irritates the tissues surrounding the anus.

5. Eat spicy food. Food with spices Foods containing caffeine, alcohol, which are irritating And may provoke anal itching

6. Allergies or irritation from products such as toilet paper, soap, detergent, laundry detergent, starch, fabric softener, suppository, as well as irritation caused by panties. Or sanitary napkins, etc.

7. Taking antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs or some acne medication That have the effect of destroying local bacteria Causing bad bacteria to grow and threaten our skin

8.Stress that can cause the landscape And result in pathogens or bacteria that can ramp up

9.Fecal contaminants That is often accompanied by diarrhea or defecation more often than usual.

10. A lot of sweating makes the anus moist all the time.

11. Allergy symptoms Cause a rash

12. Skin disease caused by infection with fungi, yeast or pathogenic viruses such as genital warts, herpes scepter, or psoriasis.

13. Anal sex and contracted a sexually transmitted disease.

14.Chronic constipation Or unable to hold the feces Causing feces to flow out around the mouth and rectum

15. Hemorrhoids

16. Infection from pinworms or threadworms

17. Autopsy

18. Some chronic diseases such as diabetes, jaundice, thyroid, kidney disease.

19. Side effects of skin cancer. Lymphoma Or leukemia

How can we spot an itchy butt?

Anal itching can be caused by a number of reasons. Fistula itching is somewhat different as well, for example, if it is caused by irritation, there will be a slight itching around the anus. Some people itchy so much that they have to scratch their bottom. As for the itching of the fistula from pinworms, it often itches the fistula, especially at night. This includes abdominal pain, loss of appetite, itching, vaginal discharge, or increased vaginal discharge. When the parasite penetrates through the intestinal mucosa

As for people with itching, hemorrhoids Or itchy fistula from an abscess There will be swelling around the anus or buttocks. And often itching with pain around the rectum all the time. Additionally, blood and lymph may be seen from the anus. Or found that there is pus or blood in the feces And some may have a high fever Together with nausea and vomiting

Itchy buttocks, anal holes, how to treat it?

Because there are many factors that make us itchy bottom Or itchy anus, so how to treat itchy anus should be treated at the root cause For example, if it is caused by dampness, uncleanness, it must be kept clean more. Or you may consult a pharmacist or doctor that you can take an anti-itch medication. Or can you use an anti-itch medication? If the itching is caused by irritation from the use of different products, try a different brand.

For people who have itchy fistula from the medication they are taking, they should consult their doctor or pharmacist about drug modifications But if pinworms or threadworms are detected Should take the parasite drug prescribed by a pharmacist or doctor. And for people who itchy anus from hemorrhoids Or other existing diseases It is necessary to treat the existing primary disease

However, if you find a wound in the anus or there is a lot of itching in the buttocks together with stinging or other abnormalities, you should seek treatment with a doctor as soon as possible.

I do not want to itch. How should I prevent?

* Keep clean well

* Pat the anus dry before wearing pants.

* Avoid wearing too tight clothing

* Choose underwear with breathable fabrics such as cotton to prevent dampness.

* Do not wipe the bottom with dry tissue vigorously, but if there is no toilet hose, it is recommended to use wet wipes to clean the anus instead.

* Avoid spicy food Foods containing caffeine, alcohol, or dairy foods. Difficult to digest food That may provoke diarrhea or cause more frequent defecation.

* Change the product used to clean the rectum Or detergent products Fabric softener Used to clean clothes that are worn

* Maintain body weight within the standard

* Eat cooked, hot, clean food to avoid parasites

* Try not to stress

However, even if itchy the anus a lot, it is not recommended to scratch it. Because in addition to losing personality Scratching your buttocks or anus will make it itch. And may get a nail infection back as well Which is vulnerable to the spread of pathogens Especially if you do not wash your hands thoroughly Then went to pick up the food Or touching other body parts

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