8 ways to get rid of phlegm Clear each other to make breathing easier.

Phlegm in the throat is annoying and makes breathing difficult. Anyone who has thick mucus in their throat is probably not happy. So let’s get rid of phlegm. And for cases where phlegm cannot be expelled In addition to taking the drug to dissolve phlegm You may try these methods as help.

1. Drink more water

When you know that there is phlegm in your throat because of an illness In this case, you may try to relieve yourself by drinking more water first. By choosing to drink water at room temperature or warm water to help dissolve phlegm. Along with stimulating the body’s immune function as well

2. Drink warm beverages.

Either warm water, broth, or another warm beverage can be drunk to remove phlegm. Because the water at a higher temperature will help dissolve the mucus in the throat more or less.

3. Eat spicy food.

If there is no problem with the spicy taste Try eating spicy food such as Tom Yum, Kaeng Liang, Yum or Chili Paste. Herbs that are constituents of these foods Including hot broth will help expel phlegm and help open the way to the respiratory system.

But for people who are not good at eating spicy food You can recommend a cup of hot boiled water.

4. Gargle with salt water

Mix 1/4 teaspoon salt with 1 large glass of warm water, then gargle. By looking up while gargling as well Salt will help get rid of the bacteria that cause inflammation in the throat. Including warm water will help dissolve phlegm in the body.

5. Gargle with chilled soda water.

If this is not convenient, gargle with salt water. You can also use chilled sugar-free soda instead. The tingling of the soda will decrease the mucus. Especially it helps to reduce coughing in people who feel that there is a persistent aftertaste in their throat.

6. Coughing out mucus

In this case, it is recommended for people who have phlegm in the throat only. Because if there is a residual mucus in the lungs, it cannot be coughed up like this. And coughing to get rid of phlegm should be as effective as possible, breathing through the nose as much as possible. To allow the breath to come in behind the phlegm It can be observed that the chest is enlarged without lifting the shoulders and the neck is not stretched. This must be taken into account that the wind behind the sputum will knock the mucus up through the trachea. Then manage to sputum the mucus and leave it completely.

7. Take a deep breath.

Try to breathe deeply in and out for 5-7 breaths per set.This will allow the alveoli to expand and feed alternately without affecting changes in oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. Rather, it allows the air sacs with mucus to move from the inflation and flattening of the alveoli. Which can cause mucus to escape from the alveoli And easy to drain into the large trachea

8. Get rid of phlegm with herbs.

Just some herbs from spicy foods can help dissolve phlegm for us now. Of course, if you want to use pure herbs to get rid of phlegm, it’s not difficult. You can use both Lime, Ma Waeng, Makhampom and herbs to get rid of phlegm as follows.

You know how to get rid of the phlegm that is easy to follow like this, and don’t let the phlegm float together again. Manage to clear the airway to be flexible as quickly as well.

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