The Nang Kwak tree is planted to beckon silver and beckon.

The Nang Kwak tree, a sacred tree to help bring money to bring luck How is it grown? Let’s get to know the Nang Kwak tree and how to plant this auspicious tree.

Nang Kwak, an ancient sacred tree believed to help bring money to homeowners. And the inhabitants to become richer, because just the name says that it will help bring money, win gold and bring fortune into the house Most of them, many houses are popular to grow Nang Kwak as a garden tree. Because in addition to bringing good luck and fortune according to belief Also enhances the house look more beautiful as well But for any home looking for a Nang Kwak tree to plant Or are deciding on a tree Today, brings information about Nang Kwak to get to know each other.

History and information of Nang Kwak tree

Nang Kwak is scientifically known as Alocasia cucullata (Lour.). G.Don is a plant in the Araceae family, commonly known in English as Buddha’s Hand, Chinese Taro, Elephant Ear. Mrs. Kwak Baipho Wan Kwak Sri Maha Pho, Wan Thanh and Wan Setthi Baipho The exact place of origin is unknown. But has been popular for a long time since ancient times Because Nang Kwak is a tree with auspicious name It is believed that if any house is planted It will bring good fortune and wealth to the people of the house. In addition, the Chinese also believe that if it is planted, it will lead to longevity as well. It is also said that if anyone eats the head and leaves of the Nang Kwak tree Will make it invulnerable and benevolent

Characteristics of the Nang Kwak tree

Nang Kwak is a herbaceous plant. Underground The stem is erect, the stalk is succulent, about 3-6 centimeters thick, about 20-85 centimeters long, with a sprout of sprouting and growing into a new one, and the leaves are like Bodhi leaves, 10-12 centimeters wide, slender leaves. pointed Heart shaped leaf base The upper leaf surface is glossy, dark green, with shallow grooves along the leaf veins. And a bouquet of flowers issued by the leaf sheath With cabbage and light green bracts

How to plant and take care of the Nang Kwak plant

Nangkwak is a plant that is easy to grow, fast growing, and hard to grow in all types of soil. However, they prefer organic soil mixed with chopped coconut sheath or a particularly well-drained, bulbous and flaky soil. Popular to propagate by separating and cultivating The care is not complicated. Can be grown indoors Do not like the cold Like sunshine Prefers high wetness But do not need to water often But be sure to alternate urea and organic fertilizers every 3-4 months, and keep peeling off the old leaves as the plant ages. In addition, the nangkwak is a tree that can continue to sprout new buds, even if only one plant is planted. Then can have shoots to fill the pot at all

Benefits of Nang Kwak

Nang Kwak tree is popular to decorate buildings and houses for beauty. It is also a tree with auspicious name. Like beckoning money, gold, fortune and auspiciousness Ancient people therefore believed that If grown in the house, it will help people who live happier and richer. In addition, the Nang Kwak tree can also be used as a medicinal herb for many kinds of ailments. Whether it is a cure for insect venom, snake venom, fever, sore throat, or headache But be careful not to use too much. Because every part contains calcium oxalate, which causes itching and irritation.

The Nang Kwak tree is a sacred plant that many houses are popular to grow. Because it is not difficult to plant Plus the name is also auspicious And helps to strengthen the financial fortune as well If anyone has a company Businesses and shops are their own, try to find Nang Kwak trees to plant. Ensure that your business will progress even more.

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