9 trees that can be planted in the bedroom Helps to sleep soundly every night.

Tired of poor sleep? Waking up in the morning still feeling sleepy like I didn’t get enough sleep. Let’s solve this problem at the same time by bringing together trees that can be planted in the bedroom. Guaranteed that it will help you sleep soundly and wake up fully. Because the trees that can be planted in the bedroom do not purify the air. In order to adjust the atmosphere suitable for sleeping only But also reduce the stress and toxins that cause allergies as well

1. Jasmine

The scent of jasmine soothes the mind. Makes the body feel relaxed Plus help reduce stress Not startled in the night Make you sleep well Wake up fresh and ready to live. As for the method of planting to decorate in the bedroom, it is easy to do by planting jasmine in a pot with loam mixed with manure at the same rate. Take care with moderate watering, morning and evening. And set it in the sun

2. Tongue

The trees are quite suitable for growing in the bedroom. Because the dragon fruit will emit oxygen Absorb toxins and carbon dioxide during the night. Make the body full of fresh air and sleep better. The easiest way to plant is cuttings by cutting 1 part of the dragon fruit from the plant, about 10 centimeters long, sticking it into the soil, mixed with 0.5 parts sand and 2 parts coconut fluff. Jump into the sun during the day

3.Aloe vera

It is one of the immortal plants used by the Egyptians. Because in addition to helping to take care of beauty and can be used to heal skin wounds Aloe vera can also help you sleep better. Because aloe will emit oxygen at night Plus easy care If you will be planted to be set in the bedroom To prepare the soil mixed with manure and coconut fluff into the pot. And then separated the shoots from the partially complete plant and then planted them into the prepared pots. Do not cover the soil too tightly. Take care of a little watering. Then taken out to dry in the hot sun Because if the sun is too bright, the tree will burn

4. Millionaire in the house

Just listen to the name, it should have been planted, right? The rich man in the house is classified as a toxin in the building. That the NASA organization has researched that It has properties to help remove formaldehyde. Cause of airborne cancers up to 90%, which is a substance that comes from building materials in the house. If bringing the rich man in the house and set it in the bedroom It will help get rid of these toxins out. Along with producing oxygen for us to have a good sleep How to plant: Take the seedling from the flow and plant it in a pot with loamy soil mixed with sand and stone. Take care of the watering medium and set it under the intense sunlight.

5. Deli

Because this beautiful tree will help filter toxins like benzene, trichlorethylene. And formaldehyde in the air as well. It also produces 5% more humidity in the air to eliminate airborne pathogens that cause allergy symptoms. Along with alleviating respiratory irritation, making you sleep well all night. Easy to grow by separating clumps from the perfect plant to grow into a pot with 2 parts loam, 1 part sand, 1 part rotten wood and 1 part manure or compost. As for taking care of watering enough to be soaked, but not to be wet every day. Set in the harsh sunlight And do not forget to dissolve the compost or manure in plain water to fertilize the beginning 2 times a month as well.

6. Bamboo palm

A small tree with excellent air purification efficiency. It also helps to get rid of toxins mixed in the air separately. It makes it possible to breathe with fresh air both in awakening and asleep. The planting is easy. It is to bring 3 roots rooted shoots into a pot with 2 parts loamy soil, 1 part compost, 1 part sand and 1 part rotten wood. Take care of the water to be soaked, but not wet, just once a day, set in the sun. directly

7. Spotted Betel

Ornamental plants, in addition to having a beautiful shape like a heart It also has some amazing features. It reduces dust in the air by up to 94% and mold in the air by 78%. In addition, if the alkali pool is planted in the bedroom. It will help purify the air. Sleep well Without allergy symptoms or asthma disturbing The complete tree was planted in the soil mixed with coconut husk or leaf litter in equal proportions. If you want to embroider in a vase, just use clean water alone.

8. Gerbera

Trees planted in the bedroom that will help freshen the air. It also helps reduce substances that cause allergies and asthma as well. Help sleep better. Planted by separating one shoot with three roots, slightly trimming the roots and leaves to reduce dehydration. Then planted in the soil mixed with sand and coconut fluff. Be careful not to cover the top soil. Take care of the watering, but not wet. And set it in a shady place with the bad sun

9. Vassana

Auspicious trees that help purify the air in the bedroom It also helps absorb toxins such as xylene, formaldehyde, toluene, benzene and trichlorethylene. Make breathing easy And result in a good sleep How to grow it is not difficult. Start by mixing 1 part loam, 1 part compost, and 1 part husk into a 10-18 inch pot, then bring the complete variety to grow. Keep watering both morning and evening. And set it in a sunny place.

If anyone is looking for a cure for insomnia, falling asleep, awake or not feeling fully awake. That may be because the atmosphere in the bedroom is not good enough. Try to find a tree that you can grow in your bedroom and plant two of them. Guaranteed to help sleep better. Ready to wake up with refreshment every morning for sure

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