10 trees along the fence worth planting Gives you a wide range of benefits

Let’s invite you to decorate your house with 10 trees along the fence. Let’s grow because the fence is an important part of the house and is a clear indication of the boundary of the area. In which to make a house fence, you can choose from a wide variety of materials according to your satisfaction But for people who love nature, trees are often used as part of the fence. Both planted along the fence and being planted as a fence Which has many types of trees That can be made Trees by the fence Beautifully and also has other additional benefits as well, which 10 trees worth planting. And is getting more and more popular

Benefits of planting trees along the fence

Easy planting of trees along the fence. It can actually add natural beauty to the area around the house. But there are things that need to be taken into account as well. That is, trees must not interfere with or affect neighbors, and should take care of the trees along the fence. Regularly So as not to be messy or disturbing the neighbors Because these trees are always sprawling. Therefore, we need to keep trimming the branches well so that they do not go into the adjacent house area. In order not to cause problems and need to consider the types of trees that will be planted as Trees by the fence Do not choose the type that is always defoliation. Because it may cause the leaves to fall into the neighbor’s area Which is an impact that needs to be careful as well

1. Hokkien tea tree

It is a small shrub that can branch out in all directions. The leaves are gathered in short clusters on the branches. It is a dense and dense bush. It can be easily arranged into different shapes and the more you trim it, the thicker the bush will be. Causing the Hokkien tea to become Trees by the fence Another popular type More importantly, it is drought tolerant as well, but will not tolerate flooding. If this plant is planted as a fence along the fence, it should be watered in the morning and evening. Ready to regularly prune to the desired shape on a regular basis. Will make the house fence look naturally beautiful as well

2. Moonlight Tree

It is a medium sized perennial. The leaves are light green. Like sunshine until sunny, can give water 5-7 days per time this moonlight tree. In addition to the popular plantation along the fence to achieve beauty. It is also considered a sacred tree.

3. Mok

Considered to be a deciduous tree The canopy is wide and has white fragrant flowers. Easy to care for, prefers moist soil. And can withstand flooding up to 1 meter ever Many people prefer to plant Mok as a fence to help create privacy in the area of ​​the house. And also provides a natural shady as well

4. Ton Khoi

Is another type of perennial plant that is popularly planted as Trees by the fence The Khoi tree has a height of 5-15 meters, the trunk and branches are bent, but the leaves are dense, the branches can be a lot. It is suitable for use in different styles, including as a fence line. Khoi is a tree that likes the sun. And should be watered frequently, green matter. Another important feature of the Khoi tree is that it is resistant to various diseases as well.

5. Korean banyan

It is a shrub that can be up to 5-6 meters in height. It is a tree that is easy to raise. It is hardly deciduous, loves water, grows well in general soil and is easily bred by seeding or plugging in the top. Many people prefer to grow Korean banyan trees as Trees by the fence A house to protect privacy from the eyes of the outside, it is a barrier to the wind, it is soundproof and is also useful in dust collection.

6. Bougainvillea

It is a tree that is popular to plant along the fence because in addition to being easy to grow, it is durable. Also gives beautiful colored flowers along the fence But the main thing is Bougainvillea plants should not be watered too often, as they will have less leaves and flowers. And if you want to have more flowers, you should apply fertilizers 2-3 times a month.

7. Needle Tree

Is another popular tree that has been selected as Trees by the fence Houses and locations The needle tree can bloom all year round and the needle flower is available in a variety of colors. Whether red, orange and pink, the needle tree is a very branched shrub, reaching a height of up to 1.5 meters.It is a sun-resistant, hydrophilic plant and will begin to form when the stems reach approx. 0.5 meters if planted needles to be planted next to each other in a long line around the house It will turn into a beautiful fence and create a refreshing and comfortable look quite well.

8. Tree Kaew

It is a small, non-deciduous perennial, considered 1 in 10 trees along the fence, worth planting. Because the dark green leaves of the glass plant are thick bushes interspersed with beautiful white flowers that are fragrant and revealed to be viewed all year round will create freshness. It is natural and private to the home area as well. Keaw is a plant that likes water and can be grown in both sunny and sunny areas. And can be easily pruned into different shapes

9. Christina

It is another type of shrub that is popularly planted as Trees by the fence Various homes, the height of the Christina is 2-5 meters, the leaves of the Christina. There will be many shades of gradation to look beautiful. They can be grown in full sun and sunny areas and can be shaped into various shapes, but the leaves of this plant are easily eaten by worms and insects. Therefore need to take care of this further

10. Neon Tree

It is a dense shrub. The trunk can be very branching, thus helping to obscure and create privacy as well. And also blooms purple to pink purple all year round Which adds more beauty That makes the neon trees in a group of 10 trees by the fence to be planted. That is very popular

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