8 Herbal Vegetables to Fight Diabetes Reduce blood sugar Easy living close to you

A variety of Thai herbs It helps in the treatment of disease as well. Some types can be easily bought or grown to eat. Today we would like to introduce 8 Thai herbs and vegetables that help fight diabetes to everyone to know. In order to help many people who are worried about the risk of diabetes. Have studied and found to eat to prevent early

1.Chinese bitter gourd

In Chinese bitter gourd is rich in nutrients that contribute to the absorption of glucose as well. And also help reduce the problem of cataract The cataract is one of the side effects of people with diabetes itself.


2. Pumpkin

Eating pumpkin is recommended to eat with the rind. Because in the pumpkin shell. Rich in various nutrients That helps to stimulate the secretion of insulin. This will result in better blood sugar control. Therefore, it can help prevent diabetes.

3. Gooseberry leaves

Bringing gooseberry leaves to eat as a vegetable Or bring it to cook regularly It helps the body get high in vitamin A and vitamin C. In addition, the gooseberry leaves also contribute to lowering blood sugar levels as well.

4. Turmeric

Turmeric is an herb that has substances that help lower blood sugar levels as well. The properties of turmeric are similar to cinnamon. So who does not like to eat turmeric. You can have cinnamon instead as well.


5. Garlic

Garlic and onions In addition to being a Thai herb that is indispensable in cooking each dish Both vegetables also have the same properties. Is to help dissolve blood clots Reduce arterial stenosis problems And helps to reduce the level of fat in the bloodstream as well

6. Sato

One of the strong smelling vegetables But also gives a delicious and not light taste like Sato It can help in the fight against diabetes as well. Because Sataw has properties that help reduce the amount of sugar in the blood Along with helping to reduce high blood pressure conditions


7. Gourd

Vegetables that can be easily eaten on the fence or are available in many markets, such as gourd, can also help lower blood sugar levels. In all parts of the gourd, whether it is the stem, root, fruit and leaves, all have properties that help against diabetes. It also contains beta carotene. Which is a substance that helps fight cancer and slow down aging as well

8. Morning Glory

You can bring it to boil, stir fry, or eat fresh, it’s all delicious. More importantly, morning glory also contains insulin-like substances. Which is a substance that helps to lower blood sugar levels Thus helping to resist diabetes And is also a vegetable rich in vitamin A. Which is a nutrient that contributes to the maintenance of eyesight Helps reduce heat symptoms in And can cure constipation as well

It can be seen that many kinds of vegetables, herbs that we are familiar with. And sometimes eat almost every day All contribute to the resistance of diabetes as well. It also contains a wide variety of nutrients that can help fight a wide variety of diseases. Therefore, I would like everyone to turn their attention to eating vegetables and herbs as much. Try to balance your eating well. To have good health in the long term, sure enough.

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