5 vegetables, herbs, excellent properties, easy to find, cure many diseases

Believe it or not, vegetables, herbs near us It can treat a wide variety of diseases effectively. Some types will hardly have to buy at all. Because can be found around the fence around the house Today we will invite the girls Let’s get to know 5 kinds of vegetables, herbs that can be easily found. Let’s take a look at what each type has medicinal properties and what ailments can help. Follow along and see at the same time.

1. Basil

If you mention the name of fragrant vegetables and herbs It is believed that basil will definitely be one of the names that have been said. But basil is not a vegetable that just smells good. Because the medicinal properties are equally excellent Because basil helps both expel the wind Cure headaches, reduce cold symptoms, treat stomach pain, diarrhea, colic, treat bruises. Reduce rashes that contain lymph. And helps to have a good appetite

2. Lemongrass

If you have to make a Tom Yum menu Lemongrass is a vegetable that cannot be forgotten. Because it gives a unique scent It is also an herb that helps treat abdominal pain, diarrhea, sweating, wind, urinary tract disease, gallstones, indigestion, colic, fever, and lower blood pressure.

3. Ginger

Another aromatic herb is ginger. Which has properties that help relieve indigestion, abdominal pain, relieve nausea, vomiting, cough, help expectorate and reduce pressure as well.

4. Gourd

Vegetables, whether boiled or fried, give a delicious flavor. Although it is a vegetable that can be easily found around the fence of the house. But if you look carefully It is now a rather rare herb vegetable as well. For anyone who has a lot of gourd houses It is recommended to make food and eat it. Because it provides properties to help reduce fever, vomiting, relieve inflammation, expectorate, burning pain, itching and cure scabies.

5. Garlic

One of the indispensable home herbs is garlic. Even if you like to make simple menus Such as fried dishes Must always use garlic Because it is an herb that gives a delicious aroma Causing the smell of the food to be fragrant and distant In terms of medicinal properties obtained from eating garlic is. Helps to cure indigestion, abdominal pain, as well as help in the treatment of ringworm dermatitis quite well.

You can see that the 5 types of vegetables and herbs that we bring together today All have properties to help cure various diseases That happen often to our bodies Especially indigestion and tightness Most importantly, each kind of vegetables and herbs are easy to buy. Some types can also be grown and eaten by themselves. Well, like this, you can always find it in the kitchen.

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